How To Attract More Clients: 5 Tips For SEO Agencies

Some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agencies are like any businesses that may be struggling to gain visibility. A lack of visibility in front of your target market can make it challenging for your agency to book clients.

You may believe that recommendations and referrals can help you get more customers, but they are insufficient. If you desire an abundance of clients, you may wish to explore the following suggestions:

1. Use LinkedIn To Connect With Business Owners

LinkedIn is currently one of the most popular business-to-business (B2B) platforms due to its reputation for assisting professionals in locating clients and forming new contacts. You should utilize this site as an SEO agency, but refrain from spamming users with unsolicited offers.

Instead, encourage business owners to collaborate with you by developing authentic connections on LinkedIn. This is one of the numerous ways to practice inbound marketing methods. Read the strategies below and learn how to use LinkedIn to get SEO clients.

  • Follow niche-specific accounts and also connect with users that the latter follow. Then, check if they have posts, questions, or comments that you can respond to, especially regarding SEO-related topics. Doing so can nurture genuine engagement while showing that you’re an authority in your industry. With this, business owners may be the ones to reach out on their own accord.
  • You may also want to nurture a follow-up. For instance, prospects have accepted your connection request. Don’t stop there. Start a conversation about their interests, business, and struggles. If they’re willing to share their business struggles, offer a solution by showing a proposal for SEO problems and solutions.
  • It would be best if you promoted your business less apparently by producing good material. This includes stories, topics, and issues relevant to your prospect’s needs.
  • If you have previous clients and peers, consider asking them for recommendations to boost your profile. You should also fill out your ‘About’ section and tagline and add a professional photo to optimize your profile.

2. Qualify Prospects

After locating leads or prospects, the second step is to qualify them. It's where you determine which leads to prioritize because they are more likely to convert into paying clients.

You might begin by sorting prospects using an inquiry form, which should include questions to assist you to learn more about them. Include questions about what they're seeking, investing in, the start date, contact information, and their website URL. Additionally, you may wish to consider asking the following:

  • What type of assistance do you need? What is it for?
  • How much are you willing to pay for this assistance?
  • What is your timeline?

Their answers to these questions will help you filter out the qualified ones. Once qualified, you must invite them to book a call or consultation meeting. On the other hand, you may want to provide newsletters for less-qualified leads.

If you have a qualifying form or call to action, placing these above the fold on your landing pages is advisable.

3. Identify Website Issues

You can also find clients by randomly browsing the internet. Look for websites with SEO issues, and let their owners know about such problems, no matter how trivial. It is also advisable to give your thoughts on these matters, mainly how they affect the operation of their website.

Giving back to the community does not guarantee that people will hire your services, but it may help. These website owners may recall your company if they or someone they know requires an SEO firm. Why not give free assistance in exchange for word-of-mouth advertising?

4. Generate Traffic Through Your Content

Although good karma is acceptable, you should still work to acquire potential clients. Focus on the SEO of your website with website content marketing. Create content with the appropriate search intent using SEO-related keywords to cover each phase of your marketing funnel.

However, it may be prudent to realize that not everyone searches for SEO services using the term ‘SEO.’ They may use more specific keywords to find solutions, such as ranking factors, google penalty removal, link-building services, and the like. It’s also good to consider using related keywords on Google updates or phrasesconnected to recent industry events.

In addition, you should also create high-quality content for the bottom of your marketing funnel. The content should answer the queries of those still undecided whether to turn to a professional or do SEO on their own.

You should include sections with client testimonials, alternative solutions, comparisons of your services to your competitors, frequently asked questions, and Why Us pages. These types of content can help strengthen your point that clients are more likely to benefit from working with SEO agencies.

5.Keep SEO Clients

Most importantly, you should ensure a long-lasting agency-client relationship by sealing the deal. Don’t stop impressing them with your pitch or qualifying prospects as leads. Instead, nurture your relationship by adjusting to the client's demands and objectives. You can maintain constant touch with clients to stay abreast of any changes they may make.

It is vital to demonstrate to your clients the value of their investment by conducting regular SEO audits. Data showing their website's performance might increase their confidence in you and prevent them from switching agencies.

If you have several clients, it may be wise to use SEO monitoring dashboards, so you don't lose track of each client's development. Most of these dashboards can also be exported or shared with prospects or clients to present organized data.

When you’re reporting the progress of your work, clients are more likely to feel and appreciate the adjustments you’ve made for them. If they see that their business is improving with the help of SEO, they’ll give more importance to it. Thus, they’re more inclined to stay with you since they’re satisfied with your services.

The best thing about this is that they can also spread the word about your agency. They’re more likely to refer you to other businesses since they’ve experienced the benefits of working with an SEO agency.


Knowing how to attract clients is vital to keeping your SEO agency operating. You don’t want to stop having one or two clients, but you want clients to keep pouring in. Providing excellent service is one way to do it, but if you don’t know how to attract potential clients, they may not know how excellent you are. With such, try doing the tips above and see the difference.

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