In order to ensure the safety and decent use of smartphones by their kids, many parents are using keyloggers. A Keylogger is a software that helps parents keep track of all the keystrokes that are made on theirkid’s monitored smartphone by gathering and displaying the gathered keystrokes on their own device.

Parents who are worried about leaving their kids in the possession of a smartphone can use a Keylogger to monitor and track their child’s activities without being caught. Parents can also make use of a Keylogger to get notifications regarding the web pages being accessed by their kids, their location and some other important information.


The Cocospy Android Keylogger was developed so that parents can have a reliable spy app that lets them conveniently monitor the kinds of messages their kids send and receive on their smartphones and how appropriately their kids engaged in online-related activities. This would help parents monitor, analyze, and intervene whenever they noticed disturbing activities and offer a correction to their kids so as to ensure their safety.



  • Keylogger

With Cocospy Keylogger, parents can monitor and track everything that their kids are typing on their Android phone.


  • GPS Location Tracking

Cocospy Keylogger lets parents monitor and track the exact location of their kids and also keep track of their most visited locations.


  • Photo/image tracking

With Cocospy Keylogger, parents can monitor all the photos that are sent and received by their kids


  • Call Log Tracking

Cocospy gives parents access to all sent and received calls and also provides information on how much time their kids spend on calls and to whom their kids are speaking to.


  • Geofencing Alert

With Cocospy Keylogger parents will get notified when their kids visit a location that they are restricted from.


  • Text Message Monitoring

Sent and received text messages by kids can be monitored by parents.


  • Snapchat

Sent and received messages on Snapchat can be monitored by parents including othersocial media apps.


  • Track Browser History

Parents can monitor andtrack all the websites that their kids are accessing, review them and block some of the websites where necessary.



Using the COCOSPY Keylogger is very easy and can be done in three basic simple steps.

Step 1: Register

To use the Cocospy Keylogger, you will have to sign up. Visit the Cocospy Official website HERE and sign up using your email and password. This is a totally free procedure.

Step 2: install the app

Installing the Cocospy Keylogger app is very easy to install.  Setting it up for use is very easy too.

Step 3: Start Monitoring

With just a few clicks and actions, you can begin monitoring all that your kids do on their android smartphone.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • It’s UI is very friendly
  • Stealth mode
  • You do not need to do any device rooting.
  • A wide range of other tracking features


  • To access all the superb spy features of the Cocospy Keylogger, you will need to make some payments.


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