How Big Companies Use Twitter To Grow Their Business

Although it took years to finally become profitable, Twitter is now bringing home the bacon and capitalising on its success with a growing user base.

Because of its huge influence and the way it can be used to share and shape current events around the world, it is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Here is a look at how some big brands are leveraging Twitter to engage with customers, boost sales and win over the social media generation.

Moon Pie

This American snack brand has done wonders for its visibility, credibility and sharability thanks to its quirky Twitter presence.

Rather than going for boring, overly corporate posts, it uses its @MoonPie account to satirise the nature of branded content.

Its tongue-in-cheek style has won it hundreds of thousands of followers and it has a very ‘weird Twitter’ vibe, giving it the edge over some of its rivals that play it safe on social media.


Another brand which has leveraged Twitter’s unique platform to its advantage is up and coming casino site @Casumo.

All of the content it posts is tied together with a consistent, engaging aesthetic style that is approachable, eye-catching and designed to charm users.

Like all successful social media strategies, it also uses Twitter to share news about its latest games, provide info on offers and even congratulate customers when they win big on its slots titles.

Innocent Drinks

It won over millions of consumers with its whimsical packaging, and now @Innocent continues to keep its fans entertained on Twitter, with a variety of content that all fits in with its friendly, approachable ethos.

Part of its growth on this platform has been down to its decision to tie a lot of the content into topical events, which requires a liberal use of relevant hashtags. This makes sure that the posts it publishes are as visible and widely shared as possible, rather than simply relying on its own followers to do the sharing manually.

A mixture of fun facts, info on its charitable work, product updates and offers ensures that the Innocent Drinks feed varied, which also helps to keep people interested.

General Electric

Consumer brands are ten a penny on Twitter, and there are only so many ways you can market a soft drink or snack before it gets a bit tired. @GeneralElectric, on the other hand, has a problem of a different sort. Its portfolio of products is so diverse and technical that it might seem difficult for it to engage with a mainstream audience on social media.

Thankfully it has found a way to overcome this, through the medium of video. Its feed is packed full of interesting multimedia content, showcasing the breakthroughs it has made and highlighting its engineering prowess in a number of different fields.

The fact that it recognises the importance of its brand identity and chooses to preserve it, rather than trying to gain traction by being whacky or jumping on every meme bandwagon that comes along, is to be admired.


@Nike is in the same category as GE when it comes to managing its Twitter presence, as it sticks to content that will appeal to its core fans while maintaining a consistent tone across everything that it posts.

A lot of its latest products are given an opportunity to shine in rich, detailed videos. It also engages with the athletes it sponsors and the sporting events that it is involved with around the world, posting results and fixtures to remain on top of the latest news.

Videos are especially impactful, generating a lot more engagement than text-based tweets alone. And with half of the audience for this type of content being under the age of 25, it is an obviously lucrative market for businesses and brands to target.

The fact that any business can jump on Twitter and start promoting itself to pursue growth and success is one of its strengths. There is simply no excuse to ignore it as a platform, given its power. Read more here about Twitter list managers.

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