Five ideas for setting up an online green business


The ecological sells, and as it happens when a trend is gaining strength, the possibilities of setting up a business are multiplied. Fortunately, the fashion of ecology seems to have arrived to stay or, if not, there is no doubt that it still has rope for a while.

However, entrepreneurship is always complicated, and conventional ideas do not always end up being the most profitable. Even so, an eco-friendly business goes far beyond the social responsibility of any company towards the environment. If we want to set up a really eco-friendly business, it has to be so from end to end in order not to end up being just a façade.

When it comes to deciding to undertake in a particular sector and, in short, to carry out a green idea, as well as the viability of the project that may mark a market study, factors such as the commitment and vocation adopted by the entrepreneur in this regard influence. And, of course, as so often happens, the craziest ideas can end up being a success. Not in vain, this is a relatively new sector and it is not always easy to take the pulse.

The million-dollar question: to know which green businesses are those that work, does not yet have an answer or, at least, it is not unique. If one thing is certain, it is that uncertainty will always be there, even in projects that a priori may seem infallible.

According to Being competitive is fundamental, of course, but it is also true that in the field of ecology being ecological represents a fundamental competitive advantage. With this common denominator, we present you 5 ideas that can inspire green entrepreneurs to set up a business:

  1. Ecotourism company: Ecotourism is on the rise, and taking advantage of it means everything from running a rural house with an ecological vocation, to setting up a small travel agency focused on this sector or, why not, a bike shop or an electric scooter rental in tourist points, with a lot of traffic. There are many activities that can be included in this sector, including the organization of excursions through natural landscapes, hiking and carrying out eco-friendly activities.
  • Installation of renewable energies: In the US, where solar radiation is important, one option would be to set up a company dedicated to installing solar energy in the form of photovoltaic or thermal solar panels, and even small windmills. We can also open an online shop selling accessories for recharging electronic devices, a growing market, solar ovens and similar products.
  • Gardening shop: Finding an ecological gardening shop specializing in organic products exclusively remains difficult, when there is a growing demand for this type of products: organic seeds, organic soil, organic fertilizers and pesticides, accessories for installing a vertical garden, for efficient irrigation, among a long etcetera of articles.
  1. Ecological decoration: Eco-friendly decoration is in fashion, and not everyone has the talent, patience and skill to restore old furniture or to turn waste materials into chairs, tables, beds, shelves or, for example, into beautiful and exclusive decorative objects. It is even possible to make furniture with certified material (fabrics, wood, etc.).
  2. Fleet of electric taxis: We can start with an electric taxi and expand the fleet until we have a small company of eco-friendly taxis. Or, why not, set up a parcel company for proximity shipments by conventional bicycle, electric or electric scooters.
  3. Sale of ecological t-shirts: The ecological clothing has numerous possibilities, from the sale of other brands to the own confection, without forgetting the lifeguarded t-shirts, that we can easily design including green messages.



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