Five Examples of Useful Modern Technology for the Twenty-First-Century Writers

Gone are the quaint although intriguing methods of writing a poem with a quill and ink or restashing parchment, now replaced by the simple click of File> New in Microsoft Word. Times have changed, and modernity has offered writers a wide new arena of contemporary pieces and performers to aid in making a final product.

This article will give you the essential tools that you, as a writer in the twenty-first century, will most definitely need for your bread-and-butter word platter.


Evernote is a productivity portal for capturing, sharing, and organizing digital notes all in one place. From when you first deposited your work, to the saving and sending for other eyes to read process, Evernote is always streamlined and organized.
This app presents ideas into checklists, photos, links, and even audio recordings. This intelligent system tracks your brightest ideas and syncs them, all while keeping them safe and golden in specific folders.

Moreover, Evernote monitors your progress from small note to script. It’s an absolute writer’s experience for newbies and seasoned writers alike. Don’t forget to hit the Publish button, though.


Thinking of an old-fashioned vocabulary you want added in the script for spice? A thesaurus is a haven for writers that need references for words with similar meanings, but not quite the exact meaning (if you know what I mean).

To be a writer means to be apt. And sometimes using synonyms with the basis from your memory just won’t do as well as a Thesaurus can. Thankfully, if you have internet, you don’t need a pocket as there are free thesaurus websites online. You’ll gain even more word fun because these word websites offer games, articles, and videos for the word-seeking brain!

Smart Typewriter

The accessibility of the internet has made it convenient and, at the same time, burdensome for writers. A wealth of information exists on the internet, and finding inspiration becomes easy. On the other hand, one can get sucked in by all the distractions in it. What starts as research eventually turns into mindless surfing.

For distraction-free writing, you can use a portable smart typewriter. This gadget is a lot like the old-school types as it doesn’t have the usual navigation keys for computers. That means you don’t have to keep going back and forth when you’re typing, which is helpful if you want to improve your focus. You’ll have to be more linear in your line of thinking and be more thoughtful and deliberate in how you phrase things, as you don’t have the option of undoing typos and other errors.


They say real writers read from actual pages of a novel. But that’s not always efficient is it? With a Kindle, you can store so much without stuffing thick batches of books at once. With a Kindle, you can scour through dozens of old and new titles you may not be able to locate in a bookstore.

Save the time of ordering costlier printed copies, and instead get value book files at significant bargain prices. Most eBooks by Kindle are less than $3, in fact. Additionally, the latest Kindle model mimics the actual feel and print of a paperback, while at the same time giving you complete access to almost the books in the world ever written. Sleek, huh?

Google Docs

Google Docs is perhaps the most operative and widely popular platform for writing, uploading, and sharing those digital notes and files to your colleagues or editor. Cloud sharing with options like View Only, Editing, including a place for making graphs, charts and more, becomes a great online tool for ease and collaboration. Google Docs manages all your files neatly and quickly. Best of all, Google Docs is free.


If you want an editor without taking the more costly route, having a Grammarly account is a must for any writer in these modern days.
Grammarly can edit the work you write/upload online. Once the written material or file registers into the site, you’ll get prepared editing remarks from a digital and mighty-accurate online editor that gives you a breakdown of repeated words, wrong word usage, or the more critical errors.

Be in the Know

To keep up with the demands of creative or technical tasks and more personal write-ups, many innovative writing tools are continually being invented.

As a writer who is responsible for creating admirable work output that people get informed or inspired by, you should be aware of the latest in the world of writing tools. This is not solely to keep up with the trends, but to gain maturity and to perfect your craft as well.


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