Developers Guide: Tips on Extending Your Team

Without a well-organized team of professionals, even the best business idea will never reach the audience. Once you hire the most reliable software development specialists, your business will grow, opening more opportunities for development. To meet new expectations, you have to extend the team. This is when you have to call for agile software development options. You can hire professionals with ready-made solutions from Sibedge or any other companies, but before you do it, learn the basics.

Skeleton of Software Development Team

You need to gather the basic set of skills to produce and promote a project. It is important to make sure that these people are professionals and dedicated to their job. Once you gather the basic skeleton, you can add more employees. The main players:

  • Product owners. They provide the deepest understanding of the product and share business insights;
  • Scrum masters or QA leads. They know how to build the whole working process and how the product must work in the end. If you were using team leads instead, you know where to start extension;
  • Team or tech leads. They are not only looking after talented developers making sure that the process moves in the right direction, but they also have to be skilled enough to head the project’s technical part;
  • Members of the development team. This is the main artery of your business. Usually, business owners start with extending this team. The basic set includes a few Back-end developers, one UI/UX designer, QA, and a Front-end developer.

How to Extend the Team

Once you understand that there is enough work for everyone and some of your employees can’t handle such pressure, you need to extend the team. Don’t rush with the decision. Follow the next simple steps:

  • Plan. You need to have a plan before you start hiring. Make a list of the most required skills for the current project. Find out everything about the additional skills you can search for in candidates;
  • Pay attention to CVs and communication with a potential team member. You have to understand whether the person is capable of quickly understanding the tasks and learning something new. However, the most important is the ability to work in a team. Make sure the rest of the team members can easily cooperate with the new worker;
  • Give new employees time to adjust. Don’t demand extraordinary results in just a few days. If you need immediate results, it is better to hire the whole outsourcing team. Try to imagine the opposite situation and understand whether you would be capable of providing the results you are asking in the short period of time;
  • Pick the most convenient workflow and introduce new team members to it. Make sure the new employee learns the way to communicate with others, receives all the basic information to start from, and can use all the tools the team is using.

Benefits of Extending the Team

If you are thinking about team extension, it means your business is on the rise. Now you have a unique chance to grow it. New team members can help you reach this goal. Here are the main benefits of this action:

  • More skills in your team. You can hire professionals with additional skills that might be helpful in other projects. You will be able to find out more about market requirements and the level that potential candidates can provide;
  • New scale in your business. You can make your business boom with a proper team. New developers can show you better results and challenge the whole team to reach a new level. Find the people you need and you will not have to order outsourcing projects;
  • Lower down expenses. You can significantly cut monthly expenses for freelancers by hiring a full-time professional in your team. You will also save time on non-stop searching for specialists for this job;
  • Control over the team. This procedure provides you with constant control over the project due to the communication you have with the team. Since you are the one who is busy with team extension, you are well aware of the job each team member provides.

Choosing Top Specialists

Team extension provides you a unique possibility to choose professionals you want to see in the team. You may ask for specific qualities in the possible team member and expect to receive a specific set of skills. Before you offer the full-time job to the person, make sure the rest of the team can communicate and work together. If you have more recommendations, you can share them in the comments below. Do you believe that team extension can boost business?

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