What Is the Best Way to Create a Mobile App

The world today has gone almost completely mobile. In fact, we now live in an era where smartphones are within 'arm's reach of desire' just about all the time, day and night.

We use these devices to log on to our favorite mobile apps and use them for entertainment, for essentials such as ordering groceries, or even as alarm clocks to wake us up on time, every morning. The full spectrum use of mobile apps seems almost endless.

You can use mobile apps as an extension of your current business or even use them to create a brand new business, right from scratch. From religious apps informing you when it is time to recite your prayers, to apps that tell you when to exercise, there is an app for everything. Let us see how you can go about creating an app that might become the next big thing:

Find the Right App Building Platform

Many people might think it is jumping the gun since you don’t even have an idea about what your app is all about. However, that is not the case because the app-building platform plays a key role in deciding which apps you can make and which ones you can’t. For example, if you were to go for an app builder that can only work with Google’s Android, you will be deprived of the vast market that uses Apple’s iOS environment.

Apart from that, many app builders require a lot of coding knowledge and expertise and if you don’t have that, you won’t be able to make a fully functional app.

Andromo: The One Builder That Does It All!

Enter the Andromo online builder. This platform app building has bridged the gap between app makers and app users very effectively indeed. Now even a novice can create a great app without learning extensive coding techniques. In fact, you can create an app from the bottom up without requiring any sort of experience or qualification as an app maker. What is more, you can also create an app based on your own personal experience as an app user. This way, you will be able to create the perfect end-user experience for people who download your app. 

Another great reason to use the Andromo app builder is that it enables you to work with multiple platforms. You can take advantage of this cross-platform functionality by creating apps that you may publish on both Apple's APP Store and Google Play simultaneously. There would be no need to sacrifice half of your target audience. At least, not due to the lack of cross-platform functionality of your app builder.

Figure Out a Need

If you were to look around you, you will see that virtually all of the world’s inventions have been created to solve a problem. Transport took too long – enter the car and the airplane. It got dark at night, enter the light bulb, and so on. So look around and see if there is a specific problem that needs a solution.

After that, check and see if other people are doing the same. This will validate your choice. You can check Google’s keyword planning tool to see how many people are thinking along the same lines. If that is the case, you are definitely on to something.

Map Out Your Idea

Take a piece of paper and map out the specifics of your idea. Here, you have to remember to include each and every detail, regardless of how frivolous it may seem at first. You should also aim to include the overall flow of the app. As in, how the app users will navigate it. Consider including all of the features you have envisioned for the app. This will help you to clearly understand the end-users as well as your own expectations.

Get Rid of Non-core Features

You have already put every conceivable feature possible in your flow chart. Now, start removing the fluff. If an app is overly complicated, people would not be interested in it. From the flow and features document you prepared, start looking closely at features that you can remove safely and conveniently.

You should try to offer only the basic core value of your idea behind your app. Don't try to build features in the initial or beta version that appear to be nice but impractical ideas. You can always add them later in updated versions.  Not only will it keep your work hours and costs at a minimum, but you will also be able to publish the finished product a whole lot quicker. 

Design the App

The design part of the app will help you to create an easy-to-navigate app. If the app is difficult to understand or requires a tutorial, the odds are people will delete it from their phones or stop using it altogether. Simplicity of design is the key here.  Yes, you can add heaps of functions and features, but if the end-user doesn’t know how to access them you might end up with an overly complicated and therefore, unpopular app.

Use the Feedback to Improve Your App

The beta version is there for a reason. It tells your target market that you are looking for feedback to create a better app. Your initial users will give you plenty of suggestions regarding anything that is wrong with your app or if it needs further improvement. Don’t take their opinion lightly and make sure that you use their insights to further enhance and improve the end-user experience.

This is a continuous and ongoing process so make sure that you are not resistant to change and continue to improve your app.


There are apps out there that are literally making hundreds of millions of dollars for their net-savvy creators. The demand is almost unlimited and everyone is looking for the next big app. It is up to you to step up and use this guide to create that perfect mobile app that will take over the smartphone world.

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