9 Best Small Online Business Ideas

The internet is an excellent source to make money from home. Whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time job, anyone can have the opportunity to run a profitable online business.

Furthermore, with the support of numerous platforms for blogging or setting up an eCommerce site, it is even easier to kickstart your online business journey. For example, many people make money online with WordPress.

Starting your own business online is an exciting venture, but knowing how and where to start can be challenging. This article will explore several best online business ideas to help your decision-making process.

1. Become a Professional Blogger

One crucial starting point to having a successful blog is choosing a profitable niche. Use Google Trends to help identify what queries are most popular on search engines. Then, select a niche that aligns with your interests and passions. Focus on topics where you have unique, valuable insights to share with your target audience.

Once you’ve identified what to write about, choose the monetization methods to convert your blog into a lucrative business – for example, participating in an affiliate marketing program. Promote products or services that resonate with your readers and earn a commission each time a user makes a purchase.

Apart from continuously generating informative, entertaining, or educational content, ensure to optimize your blog for excellent search engine optimization (SEO) performance. This helps drive more users to discover your blog.

2. Start an Online Reselling Business

Reselling is a simple online business model as it does not require investments in product development or design. When reselling, it is best to choose products that are in high demand, like cosmetics, clothes, or pet supplies. Then, define your target market to make more informed decisions on the product's pricing and marketing strategy.

Pick a platform to sell the products like Alibaba, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace. List your items using high-quality images and precise descriptions highlighting the product’s unique features. This gives customers an accurate idea of what to expect once they’ve purchased the product.

Cross-listing apps like OneShop or Vendo can help facilitate the selling process if you want to list your products on multiple marketplaces. In addition, create social media accounts to promote your items and expand your reach.

3. Sell Art Online

Compile all your favorite artwork and sell them on popular social media platforms for visual content, such as Instagram and Pinterest. Alternatively, websites like Etsy and Artfinder are also where you can find many other independent artists selling their work. Note that when selling your art online, ensure to place a watermark to prevent someone from committing copyright infringement.

Online print-on-demand services such as Printify and Gelato can help monetize your art. Simply upload your artwork to these sites, and users can choose to print them on mugs, t-shirts, or phone cases. The platforms will also handle product deliveries to customers.

To price your artwork, you can use a pricing formula or research how much similar artists in your niche charge for their projects. Set the price based on factors like how long you worked on the project and what materials were used.

4. Create Online Courses

This online business idea allows you to generate passive income by monetizing your knowledge. To find the right course topic, brainstorm two to three areas of interest that best showcase your expertise and experience, then research to check its market viability.

Create and sell your course lessons with platforms like Coursera, Udemy, or Skillshare. These platforms can also provide insights into popular subjects within your niche. Some of the most in-demand online course examples include digital marketing, video editing, and graphic design.

Furthermore, adjust the content and format of your online course to maintain its relevance and accuracy. Revisit your old content regularly to add updated information and eliminate irrelevant or outdated ones.

5. Become a Freelancer

Freelancing enables you to define your own work hours. To get a steady stream of projects, it is best to pursue the most sought-after freelance jobs, such as becoming social media marketing consultants, content writers, or web developers. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork can help you connect with clients worldwide and land gigs.

Ensure to create an impressive online portfolio using a website builder like Zyro, Wix, or Squarespace to showcase your skills and past projects. If you lack experience, grow your portfolio first by taking on projects at a lower cost. Furthermore, create a business bank account to separate your personal and business finances. Doing so will facilitate accurate tracking of your freelance business's earnings. 

6. Launch a Podcast

Consider creating podcasts to make money online. Upload your first podcast to all major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. Then, promote it on social media for increased exposure. Make money from your podcast by charging a fee for exclusive content or accepting sponsorships.

Some essential starter kits for podcasting include a computer or smartphone, a microphone, and noise-canceling headphones. Look into what will suit your needs and budget but note that it is best to use good-quality podcast gear and record your sessions in a quiet room so listeners can hear the audio clearly.

When planning the podcast, take inspiration from some of the most popular shows in your niche. This will help give you ideas about the format, tone, and topics listeners find most interesting. Then, write a script to help guide your delivery. Create, upload, and promote your podcast with all-in-one tools like Anchor and Podbean. Additionally, you can implement some SEO measures to optimize your podcast for Google searches. For example, creating a separate page for your episodes and including a transcript can greatly improve your podcast's ranking. This is especially important if you're interviewing interesting guests; it would be a shame if no one knew it. Thus it’s important to learn how to transcribe an interview and make use of the transcript.  

7. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant handles various on-demand administrative tasks, like scheduling meetings, answering emails, and managing social media posts. Some must-have qualities for virtual assistants are excellent time management and communication skills. Furthermore, as you’ll mainly deal with clients remotely, it is vital to have a stable internet connection.

Find potential clients on platforms like Remote CoWorker or Zirtual. Writean engaging elevator pitch and list the specific services you provide and how much you charge. On average, the hourly rate for beginner virtual assistants is around $20/hour.

8. Sell on Marketplaces

If you want to sell products in a highly competitive niche, it is best to conduct a market analysis first to ensure there’s room for your business. Then, sell on well-established online marketplaces as they offer instant access to large audiences. Be sure to consider each online marketplace's listing, transaction, and commission fees to make your choice.

Once you’ve determined what to offer and who the target buyers are, sign up on popular marketplaces like eBay or Flipkart, upload high-quality product pictures, set competitive prices, and implement effective marketing strategies to bring in sales. Encourage customers to leave reviews as proof of satisfaction to help drive others to buy from you.

9. Start a YouTube Channel

Running a YouTube channel is another simple yet lucrative online business idea. Make money from your videos through affiliate sales, direct advertisements, or by promoting your own business. Like blogging and podcasting, ensure the focus of your channel is something that you are good at and passionate about. 

Fill in the “About” section on your channel to inform users what they can expect from your content and link your own website and social media handles. To begin your YouTube journey, create an introduction video that explains who you are, why you started the channel, and how often you’ll upload content.

Create your videos using a high-quality webcam or smartphone camera, a tripod to keep your video steady, and easy-to-use video editing apps like Filmora or InShot. For better sound quality, consider getting an external microphone, recording the audio separately, and mixing it with the video afterward.


In this article, we explored how many online business ideas offer great flexibility to help you earn income. With time and consistent effort, you can build an audience and become a successful online business owner.

Here’s a recap of what we have covered in this article:

  1. Become a professional blogger
  2. Start an online reselling business
  3. Sell art online
  4. Create online courses
  5. Become a freelancer
  6. Launch a podcast
  7. Become a virtual assistant
  8. Sell on marketplaces
  9. Start a YouTube channel

We hope you’ve gained some valuable insights to help you start making money online. Have other online business ideas you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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