Top Best Paraphrasing Tools That Help You in Content

Content marketing is very important for a modern-day business. You would be surprised to know that more than 70% of adults today prefer shopping online, and this is because of content marketing.

Content engages, informs, and converts your target audience into potential buyers. 

To be a successful content marketer, you must ensure your content is unique and error-free. These are all very difficult tasks, especially if you don’t have much experience in writing. 

In content marketing, the biggest problem you can face is plagiarism. There is a huge chance that other brands would also write about the same products and services as yours. This is why creating unique content has become a difficult problem for content marketers. 

This article will discuss the best online paraphrasing tools to help content marketers create unique, error-free, and simple content for their audience. 

How Do Content Paraphrasing Tools Help in Content Marketing?

Paraphrasing tools are web-based resources that can automatically repurpose and explain a written piece of content, idea, or information in different words.

These tools are considered to be quite helpful for content marketers. Here are some of the ways how these tools can be of your help:

  • Paraphrase existing ideas more simply for readers
  • Change the tone of content and make it more fluent/readable
  • Prevent or remove plagiarism in content created for marketing
  • Produce content in bulk without doing much research work
  • Get better quality and error-free content within less than seconds

There are over dozens of paraphrasing tools available online. But here in this post, we have mentioned the three most popular ones. 

3 Brilliant Paraphrasing Tools for Content Marketers!

The tools mentioned below are quite reliable and accurate in their work.


The paraphrase tool is an amazing utility that can help marketers create unique, reader-friendly content.

We have placed this tool on top of this list because it uses AI-powered technologies, including natural language processing and machine learning.

This is why you would see that the paraphrased content generated by this tool is free of all kinds of human errors and sounds natural. 

The tool replaces all tricky and complex words with simpler synonyms and also plays with the sentence structure to explain the content in the most concise way possible.

The most important feature of this paraphrasing tool is that it generates 100% uniquely paraphrased content while retaining the original message. 

You would find six phrasing modes: anti-plagiarism, creative, fluency, academic, seo, and formal. You can choose the mode which intrigues you the most and customize content. Before buying the premium plan, we suggest trying its free version.


The rephraser online is another powerful tool that can help you with content marketing. The tool has a neat and clean interface, making it easy to use for experienced and new users.

This sentence rephraser tool works in more than eight different languages, which is why it is famous among marketers, students, and content creators all across the globe. 

The rephraser also uses NLP and ML algorithms to understand and rephrase content you have entered as input which is why the quality of the content you get is always up to the mark.

Here you must note that the rephraser offers multiple phrasing modes. The creative, anti-plagiarism, and formal modes are best for content marketers. 

With the formal mode, you can easily change the tone of your content and make it more formal. This is important for official communications.

With the creative writing mode, you can explain already interestingly written content. You can also use the anti-plagiarism mode to ensure uniqueness in your work. 

Overall this is a very friendly and useful tool for content marketers looking for freemium paraphrasing, grammar checking, and text summarizing solutions in one place.


This is another AI-powered paraphrase tool for content marketers who want to quickly paraphrase their drafts without making errors.

The working of this tool is quite simple and similar to previously discussed tools. All you have to do is open the tool on your browser, upload the text you want to rephrase, and click the “Paraphrase Sentence” button. The tool would take a few seconds to analyze and paraphrase the content in different words.

This online paraphrasing tool has a very vast database of synonyms. The tool would always replace words with the most suitable phrases.

If you have a complex write-up that you want to simplify and share with your audience, you can take help from this tool. 

What we like most about this tool is that it can paraphrase content in less than seconds. As a marketer, you can save time, energy, and effort wasted in manual paraphrasing.

Overall the free version of this tool is worth trying for content marketers of all ages. 


In this competitive world, creating unique content all by yourself is quite impossible. There is always a chance that multiple writers or marketers working on the same niche would create the same content.

 Content uniqueness, quality, and readability are all important factors determining whether your target audience would engage with your content and convert it into a buyer. 

If you are doubtful about the quality or originality of your product descriptions, ads, social media posts, or any other content related to marketing, it is best to get it paraphrased with the best tool.

In this article, we have handpicked some of the most top-rated and AI-powered paraphrasing tools marketers worldwide use.

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