Best Apple Apps that Pay you Money

Yes, you read it right. There are apps that actually pay you. Interesting? Well, of course it is.
There are tons of websites that are offering smartphones for sale and if you are an iPhone user then your interests would be in those websites which are advertising iPhones for sale and we are sure that you have had encountered these websites every time when you want to sell or buy smartphone or mobile phone for yourself or for your loved ones.

Speaking about the topic that grabbed your attention, there are bundle of legitimate apps that actually pay you £££!!Now a days almost everyone has smartphone but instead of playing games on it or using social media like facebook or twitter, why don’t use it to earn some cash for yourself that help you add some extra pounds to your income. There are plenty of Apps available that pay you money and for your ease most of these apps are free of cost. You just need some space in your mobile phone to install them and after that start counting your extra income. Some apps give you reward points, some pay you little cash and some pay you more cash, it all depends on yourself that how much effort you put in to these apps and their mechanism to work.

We have explored the Apple App Store and bring a list of useful and free money making apps to you that put cash into your wallet.

So brace yourselves, mentioning below are some of the best Apple Store Apps that you should install now in your smartphones and start maximising your income.

Tip:Although these apps definitely earn you cash but before downloading these apps on your iPhones, we suggest you to be creative, consistent and be disciplined to stay motivated. And NO, these apps are not scams at all.


This is one of the most successful apps available in Apple App Store to earn rewards. The app has lot to offer like watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, shopping or even using Swagbucks site as a search engine.
You can simply watch TV over there and in return you will be able to earn Swagbucks, in short SB.
Click here to find out more about this app:
Open this link in your iPhone to function it properly.


If you are shopaholic and loves shopping then this app is for you. Through this app you earn rewards which can be redeem later on. Shopkick gives you points by visiting shopping stores, scanning product barcodes or by just purchasing specific items.Moreover, this app lets you to save money by discovering special offers and redeemable coupons.

You can download this app from this link:

Field Agent

First of its kind, (as per app itself claims) Field Agent app helps you to earn money by completing different assignments and tasks. You have to give your reviews in the form of short write ups or by uploading photos by visiting the places assigned to you.Through the app you can earn around £5for each task you complete. You will be paid through PayPal.
Download the app from:

Receipt Hog

This app is available for both Apple and Android users. Receipt Hog rewards you for shopping not online but in stores. All you have to do is, after the shopping, take photos of your receipt using Receipt Hog app. By doing so you will earn points which you can exchange for cash via PayPal or you can use these points for voucher instead. And if you want to earn few extra points then you can play on the Hog Slots as well.
App download link:


Relaxing in the couch at your home, you can take part in completing surveys and can earn up to a few quid in return. Make money by sharing your opinion, that’s what this app is all about. Almost each survey in this app lasts up to 20 minutes. So if you have some spare time and want to use your mobile phone then try to use this app and earn by sharing your views and opinions.
Available in the App store at:


This money making app is very transparent and easy to use. Take a photo of your supermarket shoppingreceipt and upload it at Shopium app. The app matches your uploaded receipt with the offers listed in the app. One of the exciting features is that the app promotes its referralprograms with free products. If you are signing up this app with a referral code, then you get a free treat like chocolate and the person who referred you get free credits.

More details at:


According to reviews, CheckoutSmart is one the best shopping cashback apps available at App store. It’s a wonderful app to earn cashback on your supermarket shopping. Just like Shopmium, take a photo of your shopping receipt, upload it on the app and in return you will get cashback of your uploaded receipt. The edge over here is that you can also upload the receipt or receipts directly to its website as well.

Here is its download link:


If you want to get £1,000 for doing nothing then this app is for you. Just download the app in your IOS. Simply register into the app by filling out all the required fields and if you have referral code, use it. This app is free. All you have to do is to watch two ads and you automatically enters in the race of winning huge amount of money. Keep checking back to the app each day if you have won or not. So keep your fingers crossed and play the app.

Link to download:


Bounts is another useful app to earn money by using your smartphone. The app rewards you for being active, running, exercising or even going to gym. You earn points through this app and redeem them in vouchers.
Download link:

Last but not least, here is a tip for you. If you are making money using internet on your mobile phones then you must be aware of mobile internet data charges. So whenever possible, use Wi-Fi while using these apps to save your mobile internet data.

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