Advantages Of WooCommerce Mobile Apps

If you already have a successfully running WooCommerce store, you must have noticed the increase in the number of mobile users. In the past Mobile usage has exploded over the past few years. More people use their mobile to connect through the Internet instead of a desktop, and this trend is likely to strengthen further in the coming years. Many webmasters have adapted to this by making their websites responsive to allow decent user experience. The real benefit lies in having your mobile app.

Having your own WooCommerce mobile app offers a number of advantages over a responsive website. The thing that really matters in today’s hyper-competitive digital business environment is user engagement. After all, there are a hundred other sites that are selling the same stuff you are selling (most probably). You need to stand out, and investing in a mobile app for your WooCommerce store is the thing that can help you to achieve that. A mobile app is excellent for enhancing user engagement as users will be able to utilize better the app features leading to better user experience and enhanced customer engagement.

For instance, you can simplify the search process by allowing them to use their voice on their phones to search for things. Similarly, you can always use push notifications to encourage customers to share photos of your products on various social media sites. There are hundreds of other ways you can use a mobile app to enhance customer engagement.

The mobile app also leads to an immense increase in average order value. If you have noticed, the biggest online retailer has been using a kind of loyalty program to motivate customers to keep coming back to their site.

They have also used this strategy to build customer loyalty, you can also expect people to shop more when you have a WooCommerce mobile app. When people are using a browser, they can always click back to the search engine or move to other websites to browse and buy products.

However, when they are shopping through an app that is only selling your products, they are more likely to buy only from you instead of searching elsewhere. It will result in a definite increase in the average order value. Having a mobile app also helps in reducing the friction in the sales funnel. For instance, the customer’s payment details can be stored, allowing them to make one click purchase. You can also easily add various payment options to make it easy for your customers to buy things. There is also the possibility of using push notifications for announcing coupons or discounts or deals on specific products.

The biggest problem faced by e-commerce retailers is cart abandonment. This happens when users put items in their cart to buy but eventually abandon the cart and do not buy anything. In many cases, it happens when the buying process is too cumbersome for users, or it takes too much time. With the help of a mobile app, you can provide them a seamless buying experience. Anecdotal evidence suggests that cart abandonment happens rarely in the case of mobile apps as the checkout process is straightforward.

A well-designed mobile app for your WooCommerce store will also help in boosting the conversion rate significantly. If you invest in an intuitive user interface and simple navigation, you’ll find that your conversion rate will go through the roof. In fact, data has proven that the conversion rate on mobile apps for e-commerce stores is much higher as compared to mobile websites and desktop websites. Also, consumers like to browse more on a mobile app as compared to a mobile site as the user experience is much better, and they can find products quickly as compared to the mobile version of your WooCommerce store.

It is also easier for you to capture useful customer data through a mobile app as compared to a mobile website. When you have a mobile app, you can always ask the users to create an account on your website. Once they have created an account, they are likely to keep coming back whenever they have to buy products or services you are selling on the WooCommerce store. Also, it will allow you to store their phone numbers, email ids, and in some cases, their social media profiles, which can then be used for advertising or other such things.

When users download your mobile app, they will keep coming back to your WooCommerce mobile store whenever they have to buy a product or service that is available for sale on your mobile app. They won’t use a search engine or other websites to buy that particular product or service. It will not only lead to increasing in sales but will also help in enhancing your digital brand.

Overall, it is not that difficult to get a mobile app for your WooCommerce store. The development costs are likely to be a fraction of the increase in sales you should get through the mobile app. So, do some research and find an agency for building an amazing mobile app for your WooCommerce store.

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