5 Tricks to Rank Higher On Google in 2021

It is the year 2021, and ranking anywhere short of the top of the first page on Google is unacceptable. This is because studies after studies have discovered that businesses that sit on top of the first search engine result page (SERP) of Google usually win the huge junk of the total traffic.

A study found that companies ranked top on the first Google SERP captures 33% of the total incoming traffic.

Worthy of note is also the fact that visibility usually translates to sales. So the more visible a brand becomes, the more sales it makes. And this visibility is often achieved by ranking on top of the first SERP.

Hence, brands are always in the constant struggle to rank higher on the first SERP. Today, we will consider the best tricks and tips to help you easily achieve this all-important feat.

What is Ranking on Google SERP?

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Ranking top on Google SERP is an organic way businesses use to improve their visibility on search engines. It entails providing content that is the most relevant for internet users in a specific field. It also includes search engine optimization, and the best keywords rank higher in search results.

The best part of ranking on Google SERP is not just that it makes it more likely that users will click on that brand and do business with them, but it is also that it delivers all this for free. Of course, the place of effort and doing the actual work cannot be overemphasized, but ranking on Google SERP is free of charge.

Driving organic traffic this way holds immense benefits for all businesses but it also makes it possible for smaller businesses to par with large and older companies. The brand that does the most work and follows the rules the best gets the best results irrespective of size.

And the following are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you rank higher on Google:

  • It helps to make users trust your brand more easily
  • It improves your visibility with Google seeing hundreds of billions of searches each month
  • It increases engagement with your brand and helps you generate quality leads
  • It makes you seem like a solid authority in your industry

Common Struggles That Brands Face While Trying to Rank Top on Google SERP

Ranking high on Google's first page is a noble quest that all brands that seek to freely and organically reach a large audience can embark upon. Yet, it is not a smooth ride and never a straightforward process as there is more than one thing a brand needs to do to perform higher.

When ranking higher on Google, brands can face several struggles, including doing too much of one thing and too little of the other. For instance, while keyword monitoring is one age-long trick that can help you rank higher, keyword stuffing can have the opposite effect.

Another struggle that businesses face is the changing algorithms. The algorithms that can be used to determine whether or not a brand or its content will rank higher seem to be changing each year. Some people may even argue that it changes more frequently than that so that a trick that seems to be working well last month may become outdated this month. This, therefore, makes it impossible to depend on just one algorithm for too long, and brands always have to be active to see what is still working and what is not.

Useful Tricks That Can Help Brands Reach the Highest Positions on Google

  1. Write and Publish Only High-Quality and Most Relevant Content

Google does not rank your brand because you instruct it to do so. It does so because your content is of high quality and is relevant to queries that users are making. The content should not only be rich and valuable but must also have an ideal length (Buffer has suggested 1600 words as the ideal length for a blog post).

So, if you strive only to publish the best content, chances are more people will always find answers in your content hence causing you to rank higher.

  1. Perform Keyword Monitoring

Keyword monitoring is a clean way to know what keywords users are making inquiries about as it relates to your industry. Performing this monitoring regularly helps you stay current, and you can then include those keywords in your content. For keyword monitoring, you can use SEO giants like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and others; however, these tools tend to be pricey. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution, you can choose SERPMaster’s keyword monitoring tool – it automatically gathers ranking data from Google SERPs on a large scale.

  1. Regularly Update Content

It is not only algorithms that get outdated; keywords, key phrases, and backlinks do. Updating your content regularly to remove outdated and infuse the current and relevant ones is how you fly to the top.

  1. Optimize Your Content For Mobile

More audiences are now accessing Google and making queries on a mobile device. Hence, a rich, valuable, high-quality, and regularly updated content with even the best keywords will still not do you much good if it does display optimally on mobile devices.

  1. Include High-Quality Backlinks

Content with quality backlinks is usually considered to be very credible and hence can be trusted. And the more people trust content, the more they engage with it, causing it to rank higher.


Ranking higher on Google is an organic way to gain traction, drive traffic, and make more sales. Any brand can benefit from it, and it is free.

It can, however, be a little tricky to master and execute, but once you figure it out, you will never stop reaping the rewards. The algorithms of doing it may change from time to time, but we are confident that implementing the tricks above would always get you the results you need.

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