5 Optimization Tips That Would Maximize the Performance of Your MacBook

The wave of technology has hit every corner of this world. With an increasing demand for smartphones, and laptops, companies like Apple, Lenovo, Dell, etc are producing new versions of their products every now and then. While users are caught up in the storm of this swift-changing environment.

The luxury of choice can be comforting at first, but the thought of optimizing your device in order to use it maximally can be tiring. Here are a few ways of optimizing your device easily:

1) Declutter to begin with:

Every icon of your device consists of images, shortcut to apps, documents, presentations and so much more. Each time you open one app, or window, the computer uses up some memory. Hence while you are surfing through your computer, it will need more memory if you keep more tabs open. An additional bit of memory is needed each time you minimize one window to go to another. Thus, start off by decluttering your device. Look out for the apps which are open, and close them if you do not need it. Streamline your home page, with apps you require the most. Shift the icons to different folders according to the frequency of your use.

2) Opt-out of visual treats:

Apple is upgrading its interface as they move up the chain of updates. The newer models have translucent properties of menus, windows, and even title bars. While they look visually sumptuous, they can bear a heavy load of memory and processing power that tends to slow the computer down. Using these features can unnecessarily decrease the clock speed of your computer, use up the RAM allotted for your apps, and pressurize the CPU function too. If you go to the "System preferences" option, you will be led towards the option of "Accessibility". You will get to reduce transparency by clicking on the checkbox.

3) Be mindful of the browser you use:

Google Chrome seems like the most trusted web browser to many. It is often preloaded in laptops and is easily available for Android, and iOS devices. The temptation of using Chrome is real, however, try using the inbuilt browser Safari. The new operating system of Apple has been modified to make the use of Safari hassle-free. The energy-saving features of this browser conserve a lot of power automatically.

Using Safari can save more than 2 hours of battery life of the Apple devices. The new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro has a battery life of more than 12 hours and it is possible because of the usage of Safari as the primary web browser. These inbuilt apps are tailor-made to maximize computer performance.

Being aware of the interface your computer uses comes in handy. It helps us understand how much of the power and processing is going into the functioning of the computer. The new features of Terminal in these MacBook’s are a great way of maximising your computer performance. Check it out.

  • Instead of going for force quit, Mac users can perform the necessary malware check before things go out of the hand:

The Apple devices have a myth associated with them- they apparently do not get affected by viruses. While the operating system of MacBook’s gives them an extra edge of security, they aren't free from all threats of malware, external intruders. It is advisable for us to get an anti-malware scan done whenever possible. Most experts would reckon anti-malware protection is a must-have for a computer’s long life.

Many times, the applications which are running can start behaving erratically and pose sizable threats to the security of the MacBook. Under such circumstances, we force quit Mac, chances are we'll have a solution. To identify the problem, check the Activity monitor as it keeps tabs of all the applications.

5) Stop hoarding apps you do not need, click delete:

Apps take up a lot of space and decrease the speed of laptops drastically. But the rule of thumb says your machine functions much better once you delete all the apps that you do not need. Look up the Activity monitor and identify the unnecessary apps predating on your CPU power.

Get a fair idea of the apps you need and the ones you have. There is a systematic way of deleting the apps from the Trash bin, as deleting and dragging them to trash isn't enough.

Clearing your hard drive, cleaning cache, decreasing visual effects, managing notification bars can go a long way in decreasing power consumption and maximising the activity of your MacBook.

There is no end to newer updates and sophisticated models. Companies will keep serving you all the luxury you need at the cost of your money, but there are ways to ease the burden on your pocket, search for "pay monthly for macbook" deals online. It is necessary to end this never-ending cycle, and hence it is important we know how to optimize whatever we have already. Happy surfing!

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