4 Tips to Create Instagram Marketing Strategy that Works

If your Instagram efforts are not showing results, most likely you’ve underestimated its value. In reality, Instagram marketing is the most powerful branding and lead generation weapon in your arsenal and if you’re doing it right, there’s less spending and more benefits to expect from it. So, how to chalk out a winning Instagram strategy? Here are 4 effective tips to help you with this.

4 Tips to Create Instagram Strategy that Works

Tip #1 Have a clear goal

If getting more likes and shares have been your Instagram goal so far, your basic understanding of this marketing mode needs a shake-up. In order to achieve your ultimate, buy Instagram followers and likes. Instagram Marketing goes beyond the mere calculations of likes, and followers.

It also supports your business goals and contributes to generating new leads, boosting conversions, and making more sales. All you need to share posts that entice the visitors to your website’s landing page clearly shows what exactly you want this particular post to do for you.

Tip #2 Know your competitors

Do you know what your competitors are doing on their channels? If ‘no’ is your answer, you are lagging far behind. In fact, doing this can be a great start to your own Instagram strategy. How? First of all, make a list of your top 5 competitors and jump onto the Instagram scene to understand how they are engaging their customers, their voice and the response they are getting.

This information is crucial to figure out how you can stand apart from your rivals. After all, being noticeable among the crowd is the key to attract more visitors.

Tip #3 Understand your customers

Knowing your customers like the back of your hand will go a long way in ensuring that your Instagram marketing strategy strikes the right chord. Understand their taste and what they like to do when they are on Instagram. For instance, if a fair chunk of your audience likes to be fed with interesting facts and trivia rather than those direct visit-my-website kind of posts, create a healthy mix of both.

On the other hand, if they are the busy sorts who do not like to spend too much time online, giving them what they want may hit the bull’s eye. In either case, you have to gain an insight into what your target audience wants.

Again, it pays to know which type of posts are best for your business since dabbling with multiple channels is neither feasible nor effective. Find what type of content that your target customers tend to engage and stick to those. Get the tips to increase the Instagram views with genuine technique.

Tip #4 Send out your message loud and clear

Every message that you send out to your customers must be specific. Your messages should be engaging, should speak about the benefits you offer and should have a clear call-to-action. The idea is: after reading your posts, your customers should know exactly what to do.

By incorporating these tips within your Instagram marketing strategy, you will not just succeed in driving more traffic to your site but definitely see a lot of difference in the way your customers interact with your brand.


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