4 Critical Aspects of a Fantastic Logo Design

Logo design is an extremely important aspect of any business or organization, and is usually a highly undervalued asset by many decision-makers. The necessity of a unique logo mark is that it is what the general public and business partners first associate your organization with; it is, in essence, the “face” of your organization, and should be thought of as such.

Depending on your needs, you may be able to work on a new logo design with an online tool, such as a logo maker or other similar service, or you may choose to work with a bespoke design agency.

Regardless of your process, there are a few things to keep in mind about creating and implementing a new logo by using free logo designing tool.

1. Your Logo Should Be Instantly Memorable and Recognizable

Most famous businesses have relatively simple, easy-to-read logo marks. Generally speaking, the more complex a graphic is, the longer it takes to read. Simplicity is the key issue here, and tools like Adobe Spark is designed to help keep your overall shapes and letterforms as attractive and simple as possible.

2. Your Logo Should Be Easy to Read in Black & White AND Color

When deciding on official colors for your logo, again, the simple and complimentary the combination, the better. Even so, your logo should be just as recognizable in black and white. This is a practical decision to make, as you will most likely have potential consumers who are color blind, and others will need to see your logo and identify it easily if they are dealing with any paperwork that is only printed in black and white.

3. Your Logo Should Involve a Well-Researched and Thought Out Design Process

Assuming you are adding a graphic mark to your logo, as opposed to text-only, the best way to differentiate yourself from competitors is to research concepts and things that you relate to your business, and use what works best as a symbol of your organization. Some businesses use landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or the Rock of Gibraltar; others use sailboats, large bells, or identifiable people.

4. Your Logo Should Be Legible in Both Small and Large Scale

Another practical consideration, the scale should not affect your logo’s legibility or its recognizability. If it’s 12 feet wide on a roadside billboard, it should easily be identifiable. Conversely, if it’s on a business card or the side of a pencil, or another writing utensil, it should be just as identifiable.

These are only a few of the ideal requirements for logos, but they are the most important aspects. As time goes on, you may find that you need to create or refine your logo even further, depending on changes to the organization’s core work or purpose; when that challenge comes along, the same rules apply.

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