3 Logo Designing Trends that will Shape 2019

The Human Brain is programmed to seek and identify patterns. It’s no different when it comes to logo design; we look for identifiable trends. However, it is a mixed feeling of wishful thinking and confusion. To help you out, following we will describe the 3 logo designing trends that will dominate 2019.

1.  Responsiveness

Your customer cares how you design your logo and wants you to beyond simplification. The increase of mobile platforms has led to responsive logo designs. If you want to know what a responsible logo looks in practice, resize your browser window to see how your logo holds up. Does your logo become less embellished at a small size to keep its readability?

Responsive logos are scalable for the advanced web. It's more about the size. Logos act different and change based on the whether someone signs in or out. Forbes Contributor “John Hall,” says the same in his take on Content Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2019.

He says customer success will emerge as new Frontier. Content marketing address the needs and objectives of a department. A Logo that behaves according to your client’s actions like greeting them and leaving a goodbye message will encourage them to visit your site again and again.

2.  Authenticity

Everyone is trying to simplify their logo. But the idea of simplifying is better left to brands with a strong presence. It won't work for companies that want to communicate more naturally.

For instance, an organic food brand should have a rustic vibe in its logo, where a wine brand should have some finesse in its logo. It helps deliver your brand’s message. So, what does Authenticity mean as in identity design? It means being honest about how you are!

But how can you be yourself if you use the same fond as millions other, especially if you are offering something better A common solution is, some brands make custom fonds which reflects them, this way no one can copy their essence.

3.  Gradience

Gradience will continue to dominate the Logo Design sector in 2019. In 2017, HubSpot’s Karla Cook predicted logo design trends of 2018. Some of her predictions are still going strong in 2019, for example, Gradience.

She said that designers are now rediscovering the power of gradient as color transition can be used with both icons and text, especially if you have bulky fonts. Core logos are streamlined for the upcoming year. But little do designers know they can add more interest with color

In 2018, there was a growing trend towards the use of Gradient colors with Logo. The use of Gradients is very heavy. But we believe they will be far more effective if kept subtle. For starters, don’t go crazy and restrict yourself to different gradients of the same color. Try to add some spacing to achieve some transparency.

Finding trends in the vast sea of excellent work is hard. If you want to update your logo for the new year, then you better leave it to the professionals. Try DesignRush Branding Agency Directory.



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