20 Best Craigslist Alternatives – Other Sites Similar to Craigslist Personals

Do you want to post an ad online? If you do, then there are millions of sites out there. Many people use these classified ads sites to search for different and used items, including electronics, furniture, and a lot more that you can think of, and Craigslist is one of them.

Craigslist is an easy-to-navigate site that is convenient to use, and one can look for used items there. However, this site may contain all the items or features which you require. But one need not be worried because there are many other classified ads sites too, and we have mentioned some here.

Top Sites like Craigslist – Sites Similar Craigslist Personals

Look for the sites below as these are some of the best alternative or similar sites to Craigslist personals to search for cheap or used items in the area-

1. OfferUp

The first classified ad site, similar to Craigslist, is OfferUp. It uses a mobile platform design, making it easy to buy or sell the stuff, and the process is really simple. If you are a seller and want to list the items, then it will be possible within minutes.

The website has a chat option, which is an amazing feature. Before meeting in person, buyers and sellers can interact. In select places, the app supports in-app payment, which enables you to make purchases through the app rather than with actual currency. This feature is still only accessible in a few markets, though.

2. BooKoo

Another site that is still growing is BooKoo for buying and selling goods in your neighborhood. It is accessible in most regions and has nearly three million users. Additionally, it has a few intriguing features. Bookoo is also similar to craigslist personals.

Users are given profiles about their typical response rate and the products they sell most frequently. On the app, you can message other users to ask questions about their postings. The software also manages payments, giving the buying and selling procedure more security.

3. Oodle

Oodle is a great online platform that allows users to buy or sell vehicles, pets, furniture, and real estate.There is a section for jobs and another for professional services.

Due to the fact that users must join up using Facebook, the platform is safer for local buying and selling because user profiles are connected to Facebook profiles. Verifying the identities of the persons you interact with is simpler.

There are currently only a few categories in the marketplace, which are only accessible through a web browser. It still provides a different location to look for bargains and unique products in your neighborhood.

4. Close5-eBayClassified

Close 5 is a classified platform that site like Craigslist to place online ads, purchased by eBay in the 2000s. The platform allowed the users of eBay to buy or sell secondhand items locally. Moreover, using the platform will be completely free.

Near the end of 2017, eBay made the decision to stop supporting the app. It has been replaced by the eBay Classifieds Group, a group of neighborhood companies collaborating with eBay to sell locally.

The classifieds group is available in a few markets. Canada, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Argentina offer local classifieds.

5. Hoobly

The next site one can choose, similar to Craigslist, is Hoobly. It is a large online site for classified ads with hundreds of product categories. Local listings include anything from art to real estate and automobiles.

Both the buyer and the vendor are in charge of the specifics of the transaction, as is common with many online ad sites. Hoobly only offers a handy online location for customers to explore and vendors to display their goods. There is a limited amount of information, including seller reviews. Even though the website lacks any additional features, it nonetheless draws visitors and offers a different venue for buying and selling used goods.

6. USA Today Classifieds

Major newspaper publisher USA Today has distribution agreements with regional newspapers nationwide and maintains a strong online presence. The business’s website also features a sizable online classifieds area, making it easy to find products online.

Users can also advertise or search for vehicles, auctions, careers, professional services, education, real estate, and buying and selling used goods. For vendors who want their listings to be seen by more people, USA Today’s broad audience is advantageous.

To assist in eliminating bogus ads and potential scams, USA Today also uses sophisticated filtering techniques.

7. Facebook Marketplace

It is the platform everyone can access so easily for free! Facebook Marketplace will make everything so easy to buy or sell used items locally. Even I love using these platforms! But to do so then, you need to create a new account. Users of Facebook can immediately begin looking for listings in their area. Users in a few markets can currently access it on Android and iOS smartphones and desktop web browsers.

Users may quickly add their things and manage the details using their Facebook accounts when selling items. Additionally, many Facebook Groups are devoted to this market that offers guidance and advice on buying and selling goods there.

8. SocialSell

SocialSell is a mobile application that is a combination of classified and social media platforms. The users can follow other sellers and share the listing with their family and friends.

In most areas, sellers have unfettered access to listings and marketplaces. The software also has a built-in chat feature that lets buyers and sellers communicate before meeting in person. The app’s tiny per-listing cost that sellers must pay is its lone downside.

9. PennySaver

It is one of the most interesting options, which is the Penny Saver platform that I love too, and is one of the lesser-known competitors of Craigslist. Not long ago, grocery stores and places where newspapers were sold offered free copies of your neighborhood Penny Saver. Today, however, practically all Penny Saver activity is conducted online, with most items listed for sale classified by ZIP Code.

Final Thoughts!

That it!! These are the best Classified sites like Craigslist that one can choose. I have even used some of these sites where you can post advertisements, which makes it the best platform for buyers or sellers. So, if you are thinking of using any of these platforms, that will benefit you!

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