10 Important Things You Should Check On Your Car Regularly


A car is a means of transportation that has become quite important to our everyday life. It takes us from place to place and comes in various sizes. As important as the car has become, it is only wise to keep the car in good condition by having a good maintenance habit.

This will help save money and ensure that the car is in good condition for many years. Not maintaining the car can result in an accident or damage to the car. Listed are 10 important things that can be done regularly to make sure your car serves you well:

The Condition Of The Tire

 It's a good habit to always check the condition of the tire regularly. A worn out tire can be dangerous as the car won't have a good ‘grip' on the surface of the road. This can lead to the car skidding when the brakes are applied and causing an accident. Also, the air pressure in the tire is important. Too much air in the tire can cause the tire to burst and too little can cause it to drag and consume more fuel. A physical check of the tire can tell if it needs to be replaced or air pumped into it.

Oil Levels

 Having enough oil in the engine makes the car run smoothly. Also, the right type of oil is essential to the operation of the engine of the car. A regular check of the oil level of the car is important and can be done by using a dipstick to gauge the oil level. It's also wise to have the oil changed at intervals to maintain optimal performance of the car.

Water Level

The radiator in the car cools the engine and requires that the water level in it doesn’t get too low. Check the temperature to make sure it’s not overheating. In very cold regions, the car will need antifreeze to ensure that the cold temperature doesn’t damage the engine.


The brakes are an important part of the car and a faulty brake can result in an accident. Ensure that the brakes function properly and that the pads are not worn out. Also, make sure that the brake fluid isn’t low.


The lights of the car are important for the safety of you and other drivers. Make sure that all the lights are working; the brake lights, the reverse lights, and the headlights.

Other Fluid Levels

The transmission fluid controls how the car shifts into gear and low-level transmission fluid level can be hazardous when driving. Another fluid level to check is the power steering fluid level. The control of the steering wheel is determined by the fluid and low power steering fluid level makes the car difficult to control and steer.

Wheel Balancing And Tire Alignment

The tires of a car can be out of alignment and can cause the car to become difficult to steer and handle. Most times, the car needs to have a tire alignment done when the tires have been replaced. A way of knowing if the car needs tire alignment is to remove your hands briefly from the steering wheel. If the car begins to veer to either direction, the tires are out of alignment.

Wash The Car

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it's important to wash the car regularly, including the underside and around the wheels. This will remove dirt particles from accumulating around bolts and nuts in the car. Over time, they can become clogged and impair the performance of the car.

Air Filter

When the air filter of the car becomes clogged, there is an increase in the rate of fuel consumption of the car. Make sure the air filter is changed when it becomes clogged to improve the performance of the car. Air filters are inexpensive and can be easily replaced.

Emergency Toolkit

There may be times when the car breaks down due to a flat tire or a fault in the engine. Make sure the necessary tools are available and in good condition. Some of these tools in the kit include jumper cables, extra tire, jack, flashlight, and reflective triangle.

Keeping a good habit of checking your car regularly can improve the lifespan of the car and give you a good return on your investment if you decide to sell it. It's also a good thing to have a car cover to protect the car from harsh weather conditions. Some of the mentioned checks are not time-consuming while others can be done by a competent mechanic that you trust during the scheduled car maintenance or service.

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