Making your Website Seen: Double Your Traffic with These 8 Advanced SEO Tactics

You should always be aiming to improve your search rankings to become number 1 SEO company in Ireland and the good news is that there are a number of advanced SEO techniques that you could take advantage of to achieve that aim.

You will probably have already discovered that the world of SEO is constantly evolving and that means you will have to keep pace with these changes in order to stay ahead of the curve and get the best possible return for your efforts.

Here are some SEO tactics that should be on your radar if you want to make sure your website grabs the limelight.

Be prepared to keep updating

We are all being told that its good for the environment to recycle where possible and that same advice applies when it comes to the content you have on your website.

A good strategy would be to regularly review old blog posts and other content with a view to tweaking and updating the copy so that it appears fresh and becomes even more SEO-friendly than it was before.

This technique is a bit of a no-brainer because it is a simple but effective way of creating some new content in no time at all, plus you could get rankings to boost with your popular posts.

Gain greater credibility

Part of your main SEO strategy should be to try and mine as many quality backlinks as possible.

The bottom line is that when a website that enjoys a high domain authority links back to your website it boosts your credibility. It’s a numbers game and the more quality backlinks you can achieve the more it has a positive impact on your website’s ranking score.

A good way to get these quality backlinks would be to offering guest blogs and developing relationships with influential people on social media.

Encourage visitors to spend more time on your website

If you managed to persuade someone to visit your website your work is only half done as the trick is to try and keep them there for as long as possible if you want to improve your visibility and rankings.

The point to remember is that if a visitor clicks away almost immediately this can have a negative impact on your search rankings.

This is why there is a need to work hard at creating content that is interesting and compels the reader to explore the content further rather than click away. Short and punchy sentences tend to work well and this is a technique known as Bucket Brigades. Craft a convincing guest post author bio that introduces yourself to the readers.  Add a link to your own website or social media profiles. This is an chance to showcase your expertise and push readers to explore more of your work. You can also choose the technology blog and submit a guest post on technology blog.

It is well worth learning more about this tactic as it can help you to keep readers hooked for longer

Do your keyword research

Writing great blog posts is all well and good but you need to focus on finding the right keywords too.

If you can manage to use the right keywords it increases your odds of achieving higher conversions and rankings. There are a number of great SEO tools that can help you hone your keyword skills and find what works.

You need to be adaptable

It should always be your aim to pay attention to what your target audience is talking about right now so that you can adapt your SEO strategy to fall in line.

It is not difficult o pick up some obvious clues such as seeing which posts are getting the most views and comments.

Talking about a hot topic is a simple but highly effective way to give your target audience what it wants.

Carry out regular SEO audits

As already outlined, SEO trends and strategies don’t stand still for long and the best way to keep on trend is to constantly strive to find ways to enhance your SEO strategy.

It might appear to be an uninspiring tip when suggesting that you should carry out an SEO audit but the rewards are there if you put the effort in.

Analyze things like page speed, descriptions, and page titles in order to fully evaluate how you are performing and where improvements can be made. Get right tips to drive the web traffic.

Build a meaningful social media profile

You don’t need to be told how hugely influential social media platforms are these days and if you are not taking full advantage of this potentially high level of exposure you could be missing out on a great chance to improve your website traffic.

It is clearly not enough to put all your trust in the website to gain the level of credibility and traffic that you crave and your focus should be just as strong on building a decent social media presence.

The obvious candidates for your attention are the likes of Facebook and Twitter but it also pays to extend your reach beyond these platforms and look at Quora, and Slideshare, for example.

Anything you can do to improve your visibility and boost awareness will have a positive impact and this is an SEO technique that you can’t really afford to ignore.

Be savvy about smartphones

Over half of all website traffic flows through smartphones and if your site hasn’t been optimized for mobile users it could prove detrimental to your efforts to increase traffic numbers.

If you have visited a website using your own smartphone and struggled to read the content and navigate you will have the first-hand experience of how inconvenient and frustrating that browsing experience can be,

It is likely that you clicked away from that website fairly quickly once it was clear the page wasn’t going to load correctly.

The relevance of optimizing your website for mobile devices is that it can affect your search rankings. The search engine behemoth Google has adapted its ranking process to recognize that so many users are accessing websites via their smartphones and that is why they now have mobile-first indexing.

It evaluates whether your website uses a responsive web design and the answer needs to be yes if you want to see website traffic trending upward.

Doubling your website traffic might seem like a tall order but if you take note of some of these tactics it should give you a greater chance of achieving that aim.

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