Your Key To Fortune: Web Hosting

Web hosting is the lifeline of any website as it is a medium to create good visibility for you in the world of internet. It is not only a must-have for your website so it can run smoothly, but it is also a very lucrative business for many people. If you want professional web hosting services for your website, check out

What Is Web Hosting Business?

Web hosting is the business where you provide storage space and easy access for the websites. A hosting business rents to customers a particular amount of bandwidth and space, for a limited time. The money you make comes from the difference between the customer service (or reseller costs), the costs of operating servers, and the money you charge your customers. If you are interested in web hosting or have the know-how of its technical aspects, then you can make a decent amount of fortune through this business.

There are three types of web hosting businesses that are listed below.

Reseller Hosting

This web hosting is best for people who are new to this field. It is a type of web hosting business in which you can buy wholesale hosting services from a large company and in turn resell the hosting services to consumers at a higher cost. The money you will make comes from the difference between the two prices. Reseller hosting has many forms. As a reseller, you can rent a dedicated server from another hosting company. You can also sign up for a reseller account and re-sell the shared hosting services that company offers.

At-Home Server

Another option that a startup hosting business has is to go for an at-home server. This option is more fitting for technologically savvy business owners wanting the freedom of managing their own servers. A home server is a server located in a private residence. It provides services to other through a home network or the Internet. These services may include media center serving, webserving, and backup services. A home server does not require significant computing power because of the low number of computers. It can be implemented with an older computer or a plug computer. An uninterruptible power supply can sometimes be used in case of power outages that can sometimes corrupt the data.

Datacenter Colocation

A colocation center rents out space, equipment, and bandwidth to the customers. Renting a data center means using the colocation center’s economies. Colocation services lie somewhere in-between building your at-home server and going for reseller hosting. Renting a data center provides scalability, almost 100-percent uptime, security and technical support you also get to have complete control over the server setup, the software installed on the server and its data. Managed colocation is often called dedicated server rentals. If you do not have enough money for staff and are not fully qualified to manage and run a colocation server, then you should think about reseller hosting.

Web hosting is a fiercely competitive field, but if done right, it can be a profitable business.

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