Will Wiping Your Computer Make It Faster

With time the PCs fill up with useless and often harmful files and it becomes necessary to wipe the computer. Will wiping your computer make it faster? Yes. Browsing the internet, downloading applications and games, often in a too superficial way, the computer disk is filled with unnecessary files that are often ignored. Not only that, processes are often activated that will slow down the computer more and more.

The result? Your computer will get slower and slower and your disk space will get smaller and smaller. A complete wiping operation makes your computer faster. Without getting lost in useless preambles, I will show you how to wipe your computer quickly and make it faster.

Will wiping your computer make it faster?

Wiping your PC requires several actions. You will have to remove programs that are no longer in use. Delete those duplicate files, deactivate unnecessary services. Also, perform disk defragmentation. It is not an extremely fast procedure, but it will not take you more than an hour of time if performed consistently. If you want to speed up old computers, go through the xtra pc guide.

1. Remove unused programs

Wiping your PC primarily involves removing all programs that are not being used. Deleting a program, not in use, allows you to save space. To do it, wipe out your disks by removing all the junk files in the various system folders. To uninstall a program from windows, follow the procedure described in this guide. If the program is particularly stubborn to delete, then use a specific program.

2. Duplicate file removal

Disk cleanup cannot be said to be complete if there are duplicate files or useless files inside it that do nothing but take up space. Many free programs on the internet allow you to find and delete unnecessary and duplicate files, but certainly, the most famous and easiest to use is CCleaner. To wipe the disk with CCleaner and delete junk files, follow this guide.

3. Deactivation of unnecessary services

In addition to disk cleaning, you should also worry about turning off all services that are not needed. Eliminating everything that is not necessary means cleaning the PC and making it safer and above all faster.

4. Defragmentation of disks

The defragmentation of the disks has nothing to do with wiping the computer. Because, defragmenting the disks does not delete files but reposition blocks of data so that access to the disk is much faster. For this reason, many programs to wipe the computer combine the deletion of unnecessary files with the defragmentation of the disks.

5. Unwanted Programs Removal

Apart from PC cleaners, you should also get a good Anti Malware program to eliminate all unwanted and harmful programs from your PC.

Software to wipe your computer

Software allows you to act on the registers and others on the secondary memory. The following software will help you to wipe your computer and make it faster.

Task Manager - Disable programs at start-up

It is not a program to install but rather a little advice, so we put solutions in the head to increase the start-up speed of the PC.

The steps are very simple:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard (Or right-click on the black bar of windows where the programs are) and go to "Task Manager";
  • On the drop-down, you can click "Start";
  • The list of programs that start when the operating system is turned on will be displayed.
  • Then the choice automatically becomes personal given the user's needs.

Disable all those programs or applications with a medium-high impact on the ignition and are not strictly necessary. For example, you could leave the graphics, audio, antivirus drivers by removing the rest of the applications.

Click on the "Performance" section. It will give a real-time display of the PC's performance, the memory and the processor usage. From this task, you can also understand which of your components is under constant strain.

ADWCleaner - Clean PC system logs

Now you will think that if the viruses enter the system registers, then the PC must be formatted or thrown, but no, ADWCleaner comes to our rescue. It is a simple little program, but it has the same abilities as an antivirus:

  • It allows you to identify leaks in the registers and repair and wipe them.
  • Detects viruses and removes them directly.

The creator of this application is MalwareBytes Corporation. The name itself comes from a well-known antivirus.

At start-up, just click "Scan now," and a detailed scan will start that will last based on the number of files that your HardDisk or SSD contains. Eventually, it will ask you to reboot to 100% restore your system. Its best feature is the ability to use it without the need for installation.


If you are a geek and wonder why your HDD or SSD is so full, then TreeSize is for you. We will give only a brief introduction. The rest of the program will help by itself. This program allows you to tree scan your archives with a user-friendly interface. It will take just a while to see where the files are located and then upload to TreeSize and manage the disk space.

Normal file and folder operations can be performed by a program to make it easier for the user to wipe completely. I recommend looking at the System32 files and other important files. They cannot be deleted manually, but others. Deleting them could compromise the correct functioning of the operating system and consequently of the PC.

What are the root causes of a slow computer?

Let's start by understanding why your PC is slow. The causes can be multiple and we assume that:

  • You have accidentally installed unwanted programs;
  • Some viruses use the memory or other resources of your PC without your knowledge (use a good antivirus, which we recommend) does not protect you from any malicious threat);
  • Advertisements are shown when the browser is opened;
  • Pop-ups are shown while you are not even on Firefox / Chrome / Explorer (But you have connected to the internet anyway).
  • These are very general causes that can create problems even for domestic use.
  • With a little more attention on installations, you can prevent possible viruses or possible parasitic programs.

Exactly, wiping the computer is necessary to prevent slowdowns.

Final words,

Will wiping your computer make it faster? Absolutely, your computer becomes faster after a complete cleanup. Here, I have presented step-by-step solutions and everything you need to wipe your computer and make it faster. So, wipe out your computer to increase the performance.

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