Will The Internet Kill TV or Cable Services

Killing is a strong word but we have to admit that the internet and all the options that come with it have significantly affected the trend of cutting the cord or never cord. Though we cannot overlook the fact how comprehensive the channel line-ups are, most of them are tailored to your needs and budget and offer exclusive or on-demand premium content such as spectrum channel line-up.

Do you know that most cable companies offer internet services with their cable TV service? Yes, it is right, and it encourages customers to bundle up because it comes with great discounts, mostly! It is because they want to stay in business and want to compete against the internet. In fact, when looking at something like the Infinity Dish statistics, it's easy to see just how many people still use this kind of deal. But how does it work?

Internet and Youth

Most of our adults used to watch cable TV alongside print media to get help with their college subjects or to get information about job vacancies and various things happening worldwide. But the young generation and we millennials prefer the internet over the old methods of staying informed like print and cable TV. Also, for the fact that they find them easy to use and more affordable for studies, news, booking orders and keeping them entertained.

Not just the youth, but most of us prefer the internet over TV because it is easy to use and access all the time. Most people use the internet for news, movies, studies, and sports, etc. It is because everyone has a busy routine and everything is readily available in their smart devices that are not far than their arm’s length or a few taps. Today, no one can spare time to sit in front of a TV and watch our favorite channel/show at a certain time. Compared to it, you have remote access to the internet. You can watch whatever you want anytime and anywhere by using your smartphone or laptop. It is the leading advantage of the internet over cable TV. It has made people choose the internet instead of paying money for cable TV.

Cultural Change in TV Watching Habits

All of you know you can watch a single episode on cable TV daily. Meanwhile, you have to watch commercial ads during the episode that sometimes makes the viewers frustrated. It has changed the culture of the people. Nowadays, you can watch more than one episode in a day through the internet. They upload the whole season at once. You can watch all the episodes in a single day if you want to. Moreover, you don’t have to watch the annoying commercial ads the whole time you are trying to watch your most awaited episode. Netflix is the most common name to offer such services!

It is the reason that made people shift towards the internet. You don’t have to sit at a specific time and place. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for the next episode to become live. In short, the internet has eliminated the suspense that viewers had to face when watching seasons on traditional Cable TV.

Internet Offers Exciting Content

Everyone gets bored watching the same type of content again and again on TV. Cable TV has limited channels, and each channel provides a specific visual content. For example, suppose you are watching a local news channel. It will not give you any update on what is going on in other parts of the world. It is not the case with internet streaming services. Let’s take an example of “Netflix.” It is the most famous online streaming platform that entertains its customers with a variety of exciting and unlimited amount of content. Something that everyone wants and there are dozens of paid and free streaming services in the market. That's why people are not buying cable TV subscriptions like they before!

Final Thoughts

The trends have already shown what the customers are looking for and there is a significant decline in continuing cable TV services. Most of the millennials, Generation X and Z are largely relying on streaming services for their entertainment dose. Unless the cable companies find a way which most of them are already are working on, the internet and the services that are internet-supported can potentially challenge the survival of cable TV services in coming years. 

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