Why Your Brand Needs Pinterest Business Account

We live in a digital era, and it comes as no surprise that Social Media has such an important role in today's marketing strategies. Every successful business in the UAE (and the rest of the world) uses one or more Social Media platforms for its promotion and growth.

Today, we will talk about Pinterest and all the benefits your business can reap from using the Pinterest business account within your Social Media marketing strategy. Using Pinterest brings many benefits, but we will focus on the most important ones, according to the best Social Media company in Dubai.

Let's get started.

8 Benefits of Using Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest is great for businesses

1. Drive Traffic to Your Website

By using the Pinterest Business profile, you have an option to showcase your verified website address on it. As you build up your profile, this option will drive more and more traffic to your website.

2. Improve Your Brand's Trust

The Pinterest business account offers you several features that you can't use with the regular account, such as: 

• Include your branded pins into the profile's header,

• Showcase a verified website.

These features will improve your brand's trust and therefore, will eventually bring more leads.

3. Improve Your Brand's Trust Further

To show your audience that your business is 100% legit, you should make an effort to verify your business page. Once Pinterest staff verify your profile, you will see a checkmark on it. Social Media company in Dubai underlines the importance of having a verified business profile, so you should try to sort it out. 

4. Get to Use Rich Pins

Rich pins add additional information from your website to your Pins, thus offering more value to users and boosting your engagement rate. There are four types of Rich Pins you can use: app, recipe, product, and article.

For example, Rich App Pin will add an "install button," which allows users to download your application directly from Pinterest. A Rich Product Pin will sync in real-time availability, pricing, and information on where a potential customer can buy your product. 

Keep in mind that Rich Pins will require some tech work to be done, so you might have to hire a Social Media company in Dubai to do this. It is highly advisable to use Rich Pins.

5. Discover New Trends

To ensure that your business keeps up with your competition, you need to stay up-to-date with emerging trends within your industry. And what better way to do this than Pinterest?

Pinterest is the best Social Media platform for users to share designs, products, and the latest trends. Therefore, having a strong presence on Pinterest will allow you to keep up with the latest trends and stay in front of your competitors.

6. Use Custom Business Name

Names of personal Pinterest accounts consist of first name and last name sections. You got to admit that business names are not built from first name and last name parts in most cases.

This is one of the main reasons why every business should use a Pinterest business account. Business account names are limited only with a number of characters - thirty. It would be best if you used them to showcase your business name and any other valuable information that may increase engagement. 

7. Analyze Everything

Analyze everything!

Using a Pinterest business account allows you insights into the analytics for your Pins. You can measure everything from engagement rate, impressions, views, clicks, etc. 

Using analytics is very important as it allows you to detect Pins that are generating the most traffic to your landing pages. You should analyze these Pins and invest in their promotion or create similar Pins.

8. Use Promoted Pins & Run Ads

Last but not least is the benefit of using promoted Pins and running ads. Pinterest advertising and targeting options are incredible and will help you grow your business efficiently.

To get started, click on the Ads tab in your Pinterest business profile and start building your Ad campaign. Whether you are looking to improve your brand's awareness, get more conversions, or increase inbound traffic, Pinterest advertising can definitely help.

The best part is that Pinterest advertising is entirely cost-efficient. In case your business offers products or services, you should definitely be using Pinterest advertising.

Create Your Pinterest Business Account Today

If you are still not using Pinterest but can see how the benefits we have mentioned today could help your business grow, it's time to create your Pinterest business account. You can do it all by yourself, or you can hire a professional Social Media company in Dubai to help you out. 

Whatever you choose, one thing is sure. If you use Pinterest in the right way, your conversions will skyrocket!

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