Why You Should Update Your Software Regularly

Now and then, you get those pesky notifications reminding you to update your software. Some find these pop-up messages a complete nuisance and the “Remind Me Later” option very tempting.

Software updates are among the most unappreciated and misunderstood features of computer programs. Many don’t seem to understand what these updates are for and why they are necessary.

Below we list some reasons why you should regularly update your software, especially when running an IT system, server or website.

Better Functionality

Software updates provide speed and feature enhancements. Software providers continuously develop their products. They regularly seek ways to make their products competitive. These additional functionalities and features can be integrated into your software through updates.

 Security Threats

Aside from enhancing functionality, keeping your software up-to-date ensures improved stability.

Keeping your software updated can save your IT system safe from known cyber threats. The irony is that up to 40 percent of security administrators don’t prioritize software upgrades and only 14 percent of businesses consider cyber threats a priority. Perhaps just like many of us, they love to hit the “Remind Me Later” button. But leaving the software outdated makes it more vulnerable to threats.

Considering the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks, software upgrading should be taken more seriously. Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2018 Statistics noted that three out of ten computers were targeted by a Malware-class web attack over the years.

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and adept at hijacking IT system and everyone’s a likely target. Outdated software versions are among their easiest targets.

In fact, hackers frequently exploit previously known issues and bugs. Along with the release of new software versions, these bugs are often made public to alert users and get them to patch their software. General knowledge of these bugs leaves your application an easy prey for hackers.

Prompt software update can help keep malicious attempts at bay and secure your data. You can also use a VPN as an extra line of defence, as this will mask your IP address. VPN Geeks have reviewed the best VPNs to help you make your decision.

Classified Data at Risk

Software programmers and hackers are like cats and mice. They’re on an endless cycle of outsmarting each other. What’s at stake is the sensitive user data.

As we continue to migrate to the digital space, we entrust an enormous amount of classified data on the web. These data are a meaty target of evil hackers.

An IT specialist from PreciseIT emphasized that updated software is the first line of defense. Software companies spend thousands, hiring the best programmers and security experts to improve their application’s security features.

However, these security improvements are futile if you don’t regularly update. This is even riskier for computers that are hooked in a network. Also, if only one computer has loose security measures, hackers can exploit this and enter your entire network compromising every device connected to it. Updating your server, website, and devices are critical in protecting important personal, business, and financial data.

Automatic Update Turned Off

Using sophisticated technologies, hackers can work into your machines and disable your firewall or antivirus software. When these vital security features are turned off, your IT network becomes more vulnerable to major cyber attack.

Disabling the automatic update of your software is a critically serious issue. It opens the floodgate for cybercriminals to gain access not just to your database but also the control of your machines. Manually running software updates or regularly checking your automatic software  update is tremendously crucial in beefing up security.

Malware Spreads Quickly

Malware can be transmitted as quickly as flu. Malware can enter your IT system through infected files downloaded online or by directly plugging it into your machine.

Once a malware enters your IT system, it can spread like wildfire through all the devices hooked into the network.  A regular software update can protect your device and avoid this issue.

Better Features

Aside from security, software updates also bring in some cool benefits that can result in increased efficiency and functionality of an application. In this highly competitive tech industry, developers strive to enhance their applications to ensure optimum usability continuously. New software versions focus on improving user interaction and experience.

Another reason to update software is the technical support you get. In some cases, the upgrade is necessary to get more advanced technical support. It’s also not uncommon for developers cutting their support to get users the latest releases.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should never let your software get outdated. Check your software now and see if everything’s up-to-date!


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