Why You Should Not Use Public Wi-Fi

In today’s fast-paced world, people are always looking for better convenience, especially when it comes to mobile and internet usage. What is important is to understand that convenience should not compromise your safety. Opting for convenience while bearing any security risks is not a wise thing to do.

It’s a fact that we need internet access everywhere and all times. Our professional and personal lives massively depend on our online presence, nowadays. You can expect satellite internet to reach any remote place where fiber or cable internet infrastructure may be missing. Even if you reside in a far-flung area, you are likely to find access to HughesNet internet around you. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about the availability of steady internet access in your vicinity.

There has also been another growing trend of public Wi-Fi hotspots available everywhere. They do seem to be a very convenient option to enjoy internet accessibility while you are outside. You can continue your online activities no matter where you are located but it can be at the cost of risking your online security. There are reasons that using a public Wi-Fi hotspot should not be a preferred choice for you. Here is why you should avoid using them:

It's Free But Not Always Safe

Using a public Wi-Fi is appealing because it is free. However,you need to consider that what is free is not always safe. A more secure network comes at a bigger cost. Therefore, when you are using a free network, you are putting your online security at risk.

Thus, it is always better to stay cautious and take safety measures while you have to use public Wi-Fi. It is true that public Wi-Fi networks are one of the favorite spots for hackers to sniff and snoop for any potential targets. They know they have higher chances of making any user fall a victim of man in the middle or phishing attacks and steal potentially valuable information.

Man in The Middle Attack

One of the biggest Wi-Fi security threats is the man in the middle attack. Hackers are always snooping for loopholes so they can attack and steal all your data. In other words, the hacker is the person in the middle of your connection and your device. This means that your information is traveling from your system to the hacker who might be in control of the entire communication.

Malware Attacks

Hackers are always hunting for unsecured Wi-Fi networks so they can infect them. In fact, some attackers can attack the access point and send fake notifications, requesting you to update any software and when you click it, the virus enters your device or system.

How to Stay Safe Online?

If you must have to use public Wi-Fi, then you can follow some effective tips to stay safe online:

  • Always use a strong password

One big reason that brings you trouble is a weak password. As easy as it may seem to use the same password for different accounts, it is definitely not a good idea. So always, use a strong password with a good blend of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters that are difficult to crack. Use separate passwords for each account.

  • Use a VPN

You can use a VPN to encrypt your data while using public Wi-Fi. A good VPN can help mask your real identity so that hackers cannot access your data. Therefore, a good VPN can serve as a wall for hackers to track your online activity.

  • Steer Safe from Phishing

Be mindful of where you are clicking while using a public Wi-Fi. Any suspicious email with a click or a pop-up can be a potential hacking attempt to steal any of your personal information. The moment you click on that link, the hacker might steal any of your sensitive credentials or malware might be installed on your device. Hence always check the source and never give away your sensitive information to any random email.

Wrapping Up,

There can be instances when you do not have any other choice but to use a public Wi-Fi hotspot since you are in the middle of something urgent. Therefore, you need a clear understanding of the threats involved and how to stay protected to ensure online security.

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