Why Playing Video Games Can Be Good For Your Wellbeing

It is no secret that video games are often seen as a waste of time. But what if they were actually good for your mental wellbeing?

According to Oxford University, “A growing number of empirical studies have begun to explore the potential benefits that video games may provide, for example, concerning stress release or social bonding.”

The idea might sound crazy at first, but there is some truth to it. Video games can help with stress relief and provide an escape from reality. They can also be a great form of social interaction, both online and offline. Also, gamers can use tools like Xbox VPN to enhance their gaming experience. A VPN can improve your internet connection speed while also protecting your IP address.

Video games have been stigmatized for decades as a waste of time or a “kids” activity. But, in recent years, video games are being seen as an art form and growing in popularity among adults. There are many benefits associated with playing games, like relieving stress and getting your mind going. Some other benefits include:

Stress Relief:

Playing video games is a form of stress release for some people. Socializing through gaming is a good way to relieve stress and relax before bedtime.

Skills Development:

Playing video games may help develop hand-eye coordination or creativity skills that can help in other areas like academics and hobbies. It could also lead to increased self-confidence when it is practiced elsewhere too!


Video games can also be a good outlet for stress and anger as they are often interactive. The player can participate in what is happening in the game (e.g., shooting or jumping), rather than just sitting while watching TV that does not need much participation.


Playing games has been shown to help people learn better by having fun and trying new tasks. Some video game designers have even created educational games like PBS’s Trashville, a strategy game designed to teach kids about recycling waste.


Video games bring friends to socialize and play games together instead of communicating through screens all day. It results in many mental health benefits!


Video games can be an enjoyable and stimulating activity for the brain, encouraging players to think with problem-solving skills.


Playing video games can make people more mindful as they need to focus their attention on what is happening on the screen, so it requires them not to think about anything else.

Mental Practice:

The idea of “mental practice” is that by doing something repeatedly in your head, you can make it easier for yourself when you do it for real. Playing video games is a form of mental rehearsal.


When playing certain types of games, there may be an element where one person pretends to be someone else. This process has been shown to help people cope with difficult situations like bereavement or physical illness and trauma. It also helps us learn empathy and connect better with others who have similar issues.


Playing video games can also help with achievement, which in turn boosts self-esteem and confidence. Fostering these qualities has been shown to increase mental wellbeing.

Levels of Challenge:

Everyone likes something different when it comes to levels of difficulty. Some people would like to play games that are challenging, and others prefer something more easy-going. Games can be therapeutic in different ways for these two groups of gamers, depending on how they want to complete the game or if it is too difficult.


Video games can be good for mental wellbeing in other ways. Some people play video games as a form of strategy, too. Strategy is an important skill that helps us work out problems with logic and reasoning.

It is necessary to remember that games can be beneficial only up to some extent. If played excessively, there can be associated negative effects. The key to playing video games for mental wellbeing is balance – with moderation and breaks in between sessions. Allowing yourself some time away from the screen will help you feel refreshed and ready to go back again when it’s appropriate.

Whatever your favorite type of game, whether that be strategy or racers or shooters, make sure you enjoy them while also taking care not to spend too much time doing nothing but play!

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