Why it’s a Good Time to be on Instagram

Instagram is definitely the strongest social network at the moment. Anyone wanting to be seen, or companies looking to get more visibility, need to find their way to this app. But now, Instagram has gotten even better for everyone, as it just added a feature to filter abusive messages and unwanted contact.

Instagram protects its Users against abuse

Everyone, including those who are not part of any social media, has probably heard of abusive messages and hate speeches, which takes place on the various platforms. However, it is quite another thing to be the victim of such words.

People who have faced it, have sometime come out hurt, if not damaged by the experience. That is why it is such a great news that Instagram has come out with new features protecting everyone from the insanity and malevolence of others.

Now, everyone can enjoy posting messages and surprise their friends by the quality of their stories, using a free Instagram story template, to create happy posts. It will also help them innovate to catch the attention of all. And now, they can do so, in a safe and protected environment, brought to them by the social network.

A filter placed on Direct Messaging Requests

Those using Instagram know that there is already such a filter in place for the comment section. This feature will not only remove these hate messages: It will also provide strict penalties against those who send them.

The message form this Facebook app is clear: There is no space for abusive direct messaging on Instagram.

It works in the same way as the one for comments does, letting users choose the words and phrases they don’t want to see in their message box. They can also include emojis.

However, if someone wants to benefit from this option, they will need to activate it. To do so is very simple. Inside the app’s Privacy Settings, the users will find a new tab called “Hidden Words,” which they will click on.

Once activated, the app will automatically filter the messages, using a list of pre-selected words and phrases. However, Instagram users will also have the possibility to add their own. The messages will still get to the account, but in a new and hidden “requests” folder.

Therefore, if they don’t want to read, they just erase them, without having to look. And if they want to make sure it wasn’t taken out by mistake, they still have access to the messages.

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