Why Engineering after 12th?

For ages, Engineering has been one of the most sought-after courses in India and abroad.

Every year almost 1.5 million engineering students graduate from different engineering colleges. So, this huge number itself justifies how popular the course of engineering is.

If you are a science stream student in your 10+2 grade, you might think if the engineering course is suitable for you. Most of the engineering students land a very good professional life due to the curriculum and structure.

However, let us see why one should study engineering after 12th-

  1. Interest in the Field

You cannot move ahead in any field if you do not interest in that particular field. So, the first reason to pursue engineering after 12th is that you are in love with machines, techniques, and systems. When you have always wanted to pursue engineering, go ahead with it after completing Class 12th. When you get a B Tech scholarship and post that B Tech Placement, then nothing can be as good as that.

  1. Prestigious Career Opportunities

It has been there for ages when parents wanted their children to take up the prestigious medical or engineering courses. Of course, other subjects and programs are no less important; engineering students still hold a special position in society.

  1. Attaining Problem Solving Skills

The best thing about engineers is that they are aware of the techniques, and they have a habit of analyzing anything before concluding. They also utilize reverse engineering to understand a problem well and then solve it better.

  1. Contribution to Society

Today, there is no such sector or area where you will not find the importance of engineering. Whether it is about establishing a transport medium between two locations or creating high-tech tools for the medical field, engineering is crucial everywhere. Hence, engineering is one such field that is always there to stay. NRIs are just 1% of India’s entire population, but still, they contribute about Rs. 4.2 lakh crores every year to India. So, it is quite easy to understand how important engineers are for the nation.

  1. Lucrative Employment Opportunities

If you have pursued your engineering course from a reputed college or institute, your degree will be recognized by different well-known companies. Many such engineering colleges conduct recruitment drives to enter some of the finest companies in the industry. Some of the lucrative employment opportunities are available in chemicals, electricals, computers, nuclear, and petroleum.

  1. Financial Stability

Another major reason is that a job opportunity as an engineer will also offer financial stability to the candidates. Engineers are one of the highest-paid individuals today. On average, the starting salary package of a petroleum engineer is somewhere around $36000 per annum globally.

The average salary of a mechanical engineer in India-

  1. Opening Doors for International Options

If you have completed your engineering course from a reputed place, you can also seek opportunities in the international market. Many companies wish to recruit talents coming from the international borders in the field of engineering.

  1. Professional Success

Engineering is a field where results are transparent and visible. Hence, the candidates can get rewards also depending upon the results that they are coming up with. When you are in engineering, such as software engineering, there is a higher scope for professional success.

  1. Job Satisfaction

It always feels good when you solve a problem and get a task done or build something new. The responsibility of engineers is to create new innovative techniques to offer comfort and convenience to society. Also, solving problem areas is another major responsibility of the engineers. Like medical, architecture, or other fields, engineering is also a job that offers job satisfaction when a task is accomplished.

  1. Utilizing Your Creativity

Who says creativity is only for the artists? Engineers are another segment of society who are extremely creative to offer the results that can be helpful for society. Whether it is designing something new or offering an alternative solution to a problem requires a good amount of creativity. Hence, engineering also includes a good amount of creativity. If you have a creative mind and have an interest in engineering, you can develop many job opportunities and great success in your career ahead.

The Takeaway-

Getting admission to a reputed engineering college is very difficult. But if you are dedicated and passionate enough to learn this subject and get enrolled in this course, no one can stop you. So, just fasten your belt, and dive into the ocean of opportunities waiting for you after completing your engineering degree.

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