Why Do You Need a Sitemap for an eCommerce Website

Never ignore Sitemaps- the most important factor of an eCommerce website.

A sitemap is a map of your Ecommerce website. As an eCommerce owner, you should work on your sitemaps and SEO strategy to achieve desired results. These files assist you organize your web page and help your visitors to search for what they need conveniently.

Besides this, sitemaps also help search engines such as Google to take notice of your eCommerce website. No doubt, there are ample techniques to boost your online visibility and user engagement but if you create a custom sitemap it will be quite beneficial for your eCommerce website.

Wondering to know more about the importance of a sitemap for an eCommerce website?

Let’s begin then.

ECOMMERCE SITEMAP : What It Is And Why It Is Necessary

An eCommerce website sitemap is a text file that contains all the URLs of a webpage. It has a system of links that leads to the main web page and subpages. And these are displayed clearly and logically..

Sitemap for an eCommerce website is so important as they help search engines to crawl the eCommerce websites properly.

Plus, the sitemap also updates changes made to the website. These changes can be adding a new page or modifying the current page.

Types Of Ecommerce Sitemaps

There are three types of eCommerce sitemaps you can use:

  • Diagram Sitemaps
  • XML Sitemaps
  • HTML Sitemaps


In the starting, you can build a sitemap for your personal use. It is known as Diagram sitemap.By using this, you can arrange your existing content into website structure, find gaps in the content, and observe how web pages fit into the marketing funnel.

 XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps help search engines navigate the pages on your eCommerce website. These sitemaps provide search engines with a website’s URLs and offer data on a complete layout of all pages on a website. And this helps the search engines prefer pages that they will crawl.

HTML Sitemaps

HTML Sitemaps seemingly serve website visitors. The sitemaps have every page on the website - from the main pages to lower-level pages.

Why Is Sitemap Required For an eCommerce Website?

No doubt, an eCommerce website can work without using sitemaps. But, if eCommerce websites have sitemaps, it will be more advantageous for website owners. But how?

Let me tell you, sitemaps tell search engines which links are important as well as how frequently website owners make changes to their websites.

Because search engines crawl your webpage, there is more content to be discovered, which results in more search traffic and better SEO rankings.

Moreover, besides helping your visitors find your website, there are so many other reasons to use a sitemap.

Let’s discuss each reason in detail.

1. Organizes And Maintains Large Websites

Websites will surely grow over time. Especially, if you are adding an e-Commerce website. Expanding your website is beneficial to your business. But it can be confusing for visitors who do not know where to go or what you have to offer. Sitemap acts as a directory for all web pages making it easier to find what they need

2. Project Manager And Architect

Think of an HTML Sitemap like a blueprint of your website’s architecture.

Sitemap has become a project management tool. It supervises the structure and connections between pages and subpages. This is also a compulsory feature to clarify the site hierarchy and classification. Every page created needs a home.

3. Emphasized The Objective Of The Website

The HTML sitemap defines the particular value of the website. It can be made use of SEO to enjoy the pros. And this can be done by using unique and relevant keywords.

An anchor tag is the best way to create keyword relevancy for a page. And for web pages with no cross-links, a sitemap is a convenient alternative to utilizing choice anchor text.

4. Make The Speed Of The Search Engine Crawlers Better

Sitemaps help search engines to take full control of work. It categorizes the content on your website.

XML sitemaps are a list of links but HTML sitemaps will help search engines to decide quickly which web pages should be preferred.

5. Use Web Page Links Naturally To Attract More Traffic

It is not compulsory that all the pages connect via a link located in a header or a footer. The HTML sitemaps identify the ideal connections and address visitors.

Thereby, the HTML sitemap reflects the journey of a visitor and guides them to buy the products. By doing so, organic search visibility of web pages is also raised.

6. Recognize The Areas Where Website Navigation Could Improve

When your website grows , and you create more web pages on the website, there may be duplicate data that causes problems. On mapping everything, sitemaps can be used to eliminate duplication from the website.

When you use analytic tools, you may find visitors prefer to use sitemaps rather than navigation. This is a clear indication that you need to access again why this is happening if the current navigation is not in use.

Moreover, it is also important to determine how you can modify the website structure to make it easier for visitors to find what they need.

For all these benefits, you are required to maintain an HTML sitemap. And these benefits save money as well as time.

Bottom Lines

These are the reasons why you need a sitemap for an eCommerce website. So, start creating your eCommerce website sitemap by using  HTML and XML Sitemap which is a custom sitemap generator app.

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