Why Can’t You Stream Live Net TV

Live Net TV app is particularly designed for people who like to enjoy watching their favorite movies and tv shows while on the go. Live Net’s content could be streamed in HD (high definition) as well as SD format (standard definition) through the app. 

For downloading the APK file of the Live Net TV application, you would be required to go to the official website because the application is not yet accessible on Google Play Store till now. We have further explained the installation and downloading procedure below for all those users who are considering downloading the app and stream online the movies on their android devices. 

As we know it is Live Network TV is an app and can be enjoyed all the time when you are away from home or in your car as long as you have internet connectivity stable enough to make it work without any interruption. So, you can enjoy your experience we would recommend checking our tempting deals and high-speed internet connectivity from CenturyLink internet. Let's first understand how it works!

Why we cannot stream Live Network TV? 

Your equipment determines which method is better for you to stream live TV. Smart TV has Android apps for live streaming. If you are looking for the best services, we would recommend trying Players Klub and SET TV as they are loved by many. However, if you want to choose the cheapest service, you should go for Players Klub that charges around $5 per month. On the other hand, SET TV will cost you around $20 per month. The only difference is in the price as both of them will give you around 600 live TV channels. 

For a smart TV box, the least specifications for today is an octa-core processor with Android 6 or above. You can easily install Kodi as it offers thousands of add ons for displaying TV channels and movies. The on-demand feature is what increases its value. 

Finding TV stations with their streaming add ons isn’t easy. Using a flat panel antenna for catching these signals could be a better alternative. You can use even the cheapest antenna for watching around 20 to 50 digital channels without a wired connection. Go to the market, and you’ll find plenty of antennas that you can buy. We’ll recommend going for the antenna with the lowest price as its job is only to catch the signals through the air. 

The Wall Street Journal Published that Fox has stepped into more than 70 markets where it provides 24 hours live transmission on Hulu TV. Another frequently asked question is: 

Will they add an OTA antenna in the iPhone

Accessing the Live Network TV app through an OTA antenna is faster than accessing them through a mobile application. However, you’ll see many Android phones that are compatible with this option. For a fact, the Live Network TV app is only available for android users only. But as stated above, the app is not available in Google Playstore and you have to download it directly from their official website. As far as its accessibility is concerned, there is no news yet, but given the fact that apps are designed and launched based on demand. Perhaps, the demand for Live Network TV app is more among Andriod users than iPhone users. But we won't be surprised if they launch an iPhone App because streaming apps are never going out of demand. 

More reasons why you may not be able to stream or download Live Network TV!

- Make sure you are trying the android version only since this is the only compatible version of Live Network TV available yet.

- Clear the caches and try again later. 

- You must ensure you are downloading it from the correct source because it is not available on Google Play store yet. 

- Internet speed and download limit. Before you download, you must check all the aforementioned lists and see if the internet connection is stable enough and has sufficient data so you can download it on your android device. 

- Similarly, make sure your device has space to incorporate and make the app function fully.  

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