What would you lose if you don’t go with mobile app trends?

With over a billion smartphones and about 180 billion apps downloaded everyday, the mobile app market never seemed so bright! There is so much progress and development around us, we can be pretty sure mobile app technology is soon going to rule our world! The market today is filled with new and innovative smartphones, and these smartphones are being adapted with new and innovative mobile apps in order to serve us better. Mobile app development is not only gaining traction, but it is also becoming a trendsetter for a variety of industries. Businesses require mobile app development to build brand awareness as apps provide a convenient way to communicate with customers. And it’s an excellent approach to enter into a lucrative market for the business. Therefore when it comes to building an app for a business, it’s best to hire professional mobile app developers in Dublin to do the task.

 Mobile applications tend to serve almost all our needs. We just have to pick up our phone to book a cab for us, to order a fancy meal, to order a dress for the next weekend! You name it and you have it! Mobiles are no less than genies for us today. The fact that the technology of mobile apps changes rapidly every day, there are new challenges posed in front of businesses.  Nevertheless, progress is made every single minute!

Meeting goals with mobile apps!

 There are experts who can tackle all kinds of challenges thrown their way and emerge out as victors, others however, fail. To avoid these failures, a business needs to tap not just opportunities, but also have a vision for the coming years. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and shopping giants like Amazon and eBay are all dominating the world of mobile apps. Not just social media and other Google apps, the market today is also dominated by various gaming apps like Angry Birds. Following this, the small and mid-scale businesses are understanding the importance of mobile apps. They are now understanding the importance of having not just a functional and user-friendly website, but also a smooth operating app platform!

 To effectively reach the organizational goals, mobile apps are much needed. But not all mobile apps could garner success for your business. Mobile Apps are regulated with app trends, which you as a business owner would not want to give a miss!

 Plan and strategize your success

 As a smart business owner, you would want to make sure you follow the latest and upcoming trends. To plan your success, you would want to strategize accordingly! Look at some of the major brand names and the reason behind their success. Apps like the 7-Eleven app keeps a hold on their existing customers by providing them with coupons and updated news on their new outlets to attract more and more people every day. Shopping apps constantly keep their customers updated on the things they are supposed to buy. They send them push notifications and reminders, some even send loyalty points to generate more sales.

 What do these apps have in common?

 Inclination of customers towards these apps! That’s right. These brands do it because their customers like it, because they are looking forward to generating more sales by making their customers happy! In fact, customers like these promotional messages and notifications so much, more than half the sales of some of these major brands are app-only sales. Why? Simply because an average person today is always glued to their phones, and they are always busy!

The basic, perpetual mobile app trend is making sure your customers are always happy! Keeping your app users happy is going to keep you happy.

 Following mobile app trends is a great idea, every day!

 To be honest, an average person spends a major fraction of their day on their smartphones. The fact that smartphones are more accessible and usable, in comparison to a PC makes all the difference. Why wouldn’t you hire the best iOS App Development company or the best Android App Development company to make sure you are visible every day?

Investing in mobile apps by following all kinds of mobile app trends is going to make sure all eyes are on you, literally! Offering your customers more and more opportunities to reach you is going to double the benefits for you too. The latest mobile app trends helps keep your customers engaged at all time, when they are having lunch, they are waiting at the subway, or simply trying to relax.

 Mobile apps offer brand recognition benefits to your business. This is especially important when your business is fairly new and growing. Not following the latest mobile app trends could mean sabotaging your own brand name. You just want to make sure that you mesmerize your audiences with innovative and pleasing features. You would not want to bombard your audience with billboard like messages, not everyone notices billboards. You would want to engage them with fun ways, you would want them to come back to your app regularly by making sure your mobile app is interactive and user-friendly.

Studies suggest that if an average person sees a brand name about 20 times, they are more likely to notice the brand name in reality. Mobile app trends infused with these simple marketing techniques ensures double benefits for a business. If not followed, you could be seeing yourself giving up on the future benefits and revenues.

 A lesson in human psychology

One of the recent mobile app trends has been to focus on integrating social media platforms to an average application. Integrating social features into mobile apps helps market your brand name automatically. Some brands understood the feature and tapped a new customer base for themselves, however those who did not failed miserably.

This whole scenario works on a simple human psychology principle. People do what their peers are doing. If you and your brand manage to influence even five people to share the experience of using your app on a social media platform, you could be getting at least twenty five new customers! This methodology has been an effective mobile app trend which worked wonders for those who followed. This not only led to an increase in the customer base, but also generated more sales, better retention of customers, and of course, revenues for your business!

 Latest mobile app trends

 There are multiple mobile app trends which need to be tapped, as soon as possible by young businesses, as well as the established ones. Some of the latest mobile app trends for the coming times could be added to your vision of success! Augmented reality and virtual reality based apps, apps that connect to smart watches, apps based on Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, etc. Tap into these mobile app trends and you could see your business glorifying.

 Mobile apps are not just functional business models, but also provide your business with marketing opportunities. Mobile apps help trigger immediate responses and actions, providing scope of personalisation to the customer and monetisation to you.

Always remember, even a minor five per cent increase in your customer base and customer retention could help you increase your profits by about 70 per cent!

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