What Skills Do You Learn with an MBA in Business Analytics?

An MBA in business analytics fuses business knowledge with data analysis skills. As a student in this program, you will acquire data collection, analysis, and interpretation skills to assist business leaders and policymakers in making data-driven business decisions. Here is more information about the skills you will learn in a business analytics master’s program:

Quantitative Data Analysis Skills

Business management depends on the collection and analysis of market data. A business analytics program provides students with opportunities to develop skills in collecting, analyzing, and presenting quantitative data for inferencing purposes. Business leadership may use these simplified datasets to make data-driven decisions to improve profitability. Understanding descriptive and inferential statistics improves your knowledge of quantitative data analysis. Inferencing using correlation, regression, and hypothesis testing provides indicators of the performance of a business. It compares profits generated from different goods and services, helping companies determine the best products to sell. Other data-related skills include time series analysis and simulation of business models for market testing.  

Financial Management Skills

Understanding the financial structures of a business can help managers make informed decisions for business growth. A graduate program in business analytics teaches students how to read, understand, and translate business financial reports. This knowledge assists business professionals in setting prices for products and services, managing costs incurred by the business, and creating effective budgets.

Project and Operations Management Skills

Project management involves using available resources to run a program from inception to completion. A master’s degree in business analytics covers the four steps involved in project management. These include project initiation, planning, execution, and monitoring and evaluation. As a student of business analytics, you will learn how to conduct feasibility studies and formulate project proposals. The program also teaches students how to create and allocate resources to the most relevant areas of a project. You will also learn how to mitigate risks associated with running a business and completing various projects. These skills open career paths in project management, operations management, and production planning.

Strategic Management Skills

As a graduate student in business analytics, you will build leadership skills such as communication, delegation, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. These programs also teach effective team-building strategies to foster cooperation among employees of an organization. These skills can lead to careers in areas such as project management, operations management, and human resource management (also consider masters in HR management).

Research Skills

An MBA in business analytics teaches students about different ways to conduct business-related research. Market research provides data that helps managers determine which products and services are most profitable for the business. Business analytics courses offer students the opportunity to develop skills in identifying market data, analyzing the datasets, and formulating inferences. These skills can lead to careers in market research and will help guide future marketing decisions.  

Explore an MBA in Business Analytics Program

Earning a master’s degree in business analytics involves acquiring diverse skills that will prepare you for a career in business. This degree provides graduates with career opportunities in data science, project management, and business analysis. Apply for a business analytics graduate program today to expand your skills and career options.

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