What Skills are Required for Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the most trending industry nowadays. At this point in time, with digital marketing skills, one can promote the product or service very conveniently, and economically. It is comparatively economical from the traditional forms of marketing. Digital channels help the customer or audience to choose the product or service from a variety of options. Here, accessibility attracts a lot of customers compared to real shops. For e-commerce websites, location is not a barrier anymore.

The other factors contributing to the growth of digital marketing are strong connectivity of the internet, specialized product, comparison shopping, low investment, better ROI. In  India, the initiative of “Digital India” has also promoted the use of digital marketing.

This article dives into digital marketing skills and why taking up a digital marketing course should be your next career move.

What is Digital Marketing and Why Start a Career in it?

Digital marketing is the act of business promotion and advertising them online, using digital mediums such as search engines, websites, and social media platforms. It is somewhere highly advanced, beneficial, and an expanded form of traditional marketing, where all the marketing is done at many digital platforms. In other words, it is integrated planning to attract and engage the audience for product and service.

Almost top multinational companies, brands, and industries are using digital marketing to promote their products and attract more customers. They are investing a huge amount in this sector as a large number of the population is using devices like laptops and smartphones. As a result, they offer attractive jobs for people. SEO and SEM specialist, content strategist, email marketing specialist, data analyst, social media marketer, virtual reality developer, etc are the popular jobs. In 2016, some 1.7 billion people shopped online. By 2019, digital marketing will attract 2.07 billion people to buy stuff on the internet, says a report by Statista. So becoming a digital marketer is a great career option. Digital marketing is a key to grow your personal brand, product, business or service. Digital marketing is not only a career skill, but it is a life skill.

Skills Required to Become a Digital Marketer

Though digital marketing is popular, it requires people to have certain skills to get the desired results from their campaigns. Let’s discuss some of the important skills.

  • Data analysis

Data analysis comprises giving information updates to the marketer at the right time and right place and then taking out insights from them. It is an important phase as it is helpful for making bigger decisions. The popular platform used for this purpose is Google Analytics.

  • Advertising skills

We know that good and effective advertising skill is the heart of digital marketing. Communicating to the clients properly, problem solving and creativity are the important aspects of advertising. The focus of advertising is to help customers connect to it from their life. Thus to become a digital marketer, be well-versed in paid social media advertising as it is increasing considerably.

  • SEO and SEM

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization and SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing. These skills are the key areas for driving organic traffic to your website. SEO consists of practices and techniques to make the website appear at the higher ranks in the search engine results. It focuses mainly on improving the content. While SEM is aimed at marketing the website through paid ads and SEO. Like SEO, it also aims at ranking the website higher in search engine results. Therefore SEO is a part of SEM.

  • Customer Relationship Management

CRM skills consist of interacting with people and understanding their shopping needs for their products. With the CRM skill, a marketer can directly approach the customer on a personal level to improve the business.

  • Paid Search (PPC)

Paid search works on a Pay Per Click (PPC) model. For every ad displayed on the search engine result, the website has to pay for every ad clicked, to the search engine. Businesses advertise themselves through PPC by giving customers offers and deals that drive traffic. So, organizations are spending thousands of dollars to focus on paid search as it is also an important strategy in the field of digital marketing.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing is used to promote content, product or service through emails. It is one of the easy and formal ways to communicate with people. The popular ways to make the people subscribe to your weekly or monthly newsletters and engage them through that.

  • Basic design skill

Communication is not only through content but with designs along with them. So, a digital marketer should know some basic principles of designing. It will be helpful for you to advise your designers regarding improvement or new designs. Moreover, if you are an entrepreneur, you can design yourself.

  • Social media marketing

It is the common strategy used by new businesses that help them market their product or service at lower costs. The large population can be targeted. There’s social media advertising, boosted posts, hashtags, business pages, groups, and more.

  • Content marketing

It is the content that majorly drives traffic towards your websites. So the basic skills such as writing and editing content play a significant role. Beyond that, optimizing your content with keywords and putting creativity in it is more important.

  • Soft skills

Finally, it is the soft skills that set the foundation of all the other skills. Listening and speaking skills are the most important parts of any marketer. Also, the individual must be passionate enough to do his work and inspire others from it. Leadership, teamwork, etc are also important.

All these are key skills that every digital marketing expert should learn and develop their experience for the self and commercial growth of the business.


As we almost know about digital marketing, how it's growing, and the skills required. But, to be a professional digital expert, one needs to take digital marketing courses. Here the question is, is there any need to take a course? The answer is yes, of course, as the whole world is going digital. With recent updates, digital marketing courses are full of advantages to impress the board, and to interact with people with confidence, in your own design in a special way. Courses taken in digital marketing will increase the chances of high salaries and positions that will be beneficial for career growth.


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