What is the Upcoming latest technology for Smart TV?

In many cases, from a purely technical point of view, there are no big differences in quality between a large and a small screen. Certainly the larger models have prices proportionately more favorable, for this reason, in equal quality, including a 40 "and 55", it is usually more convenient to choose the second. Often, too, the models voluminous are better able to play the audio simply because they may have speakers with a larger surface. Whether it is about buying a TV or any home appliance, you should check the reviews of home appliances on bestforyourhome.co.in first.


Most of the models on the market today (especially those that are on offer) are LCD (LCD televisions).However, models that use OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens are also becoming wide spread, thus allowing for thinner screens, with a higher contrast and a wider viewing angle.

Ultra HD

By now almost all living room televisions are Ultra-HD that is they have a high definition with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. Despite the large price difference between the cheaper and more expensive models, the difference in image quality is not that high. These high definition televisions shine above all if they are connected to devices capable of transmitting high definition images (blu-ray players, latest generation consoles, HD satellite decoders and more) all "high definition" sources even if the Ultra- HD is less than what was seen when switching between standard resolution and Full-HD high definition. The distance optimal to better perceive the details viewable on an Ultra-HD TV is less than the distance at which we have been used to holding the TV.

Latest Technologies in Television Industry

All new models are already prepared for the new transmission system, which will gradually replace the one that came into force in 2012. Therefore, by buying a TV today, you can be sure that you will not need external decoders and you can continue to use it even as the new digital terrestrial will replace the current one.

Almost all current televisions are "smart" that is, capable of connecting to a digital home network or accessing services via the web. The ability to connect to the network is revolutionizing the way we see TV: not only over the air but by accessing subscription services "on demand" (Netflix, Amazon Prime TV etc...) where the user can choose what look at any time of day from a large catalog.

Finally, remember that the HDR function is often combined with Ultra HD screen televisions, which indicates the ability to reproduce shades with more accentuated. Even in this case, however, there are still few possibilities to exploit it: with the exception of Blu-ray 4K and some recent productions available on Netflix, the vast majority of the available content is, at most, in Full-HD.

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