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After the price of bitcoin fell to nearly 6080 thousand dollars during the past days, after its price approached 7600 thousand dollars during the past month, What are the factors that determine the rise and fall of this currency? The following report reviews the most important of these factors.

The text of the report

This was evident when the price of the main currency in the cryptocurrency market - bitcoin - rose to unprecedented record levels, followed by a sharp drop that sometimes amounted to a meltdown.

And between this rise and that decline, there were those who study, analyze and predict to reach the main causes and factors that lead to this, and there were also those who follow his intuition without a scientific or epistemological basis in making the decision to buy or sell. Accordingly, the two authors provide us with some simple information about the main reasons that lead to the rise or fall in the prices of digital currencies, the mechanism of action of those currencies, and the future vision for investment in this field.

Bitcoin price has fallen to about 6080 thousand dollars during the past days, after its price approached 7600 thousand dollars during the last month, increasing by an estimated 1850% compared to prices in 2015. All this shows the extent of the volatility of this currency, and raises a very important question, what the reason behind these big changes?

Our ongoing study in this regard has revealed four main factors affecting the bitcoin price. Among them, media hype is the buying unit by users, the conditions of political instability and the accompanying risks - such as the election of Donald Trump or the vote on Britain's exit from the European Union - and the actions taken by the government and regulators, and the administration controlling the Bitcoin currency itself. It is likely that the last factor that led to the recent decline in the price of the currency, due to the failure of the proposed Bitcoin split - or the so-called fork - to win the support of developers during the end of last week. This division would have doubled the number of units in circulation - like previous ones - as well as increasing the speed of transactions. In this era newswire.net is getting more popularity because of its trust value.

Animal instincts

Economists have always referred to the idea of ​​the psychological factors of investors influencing their investment decisions. They called it "animal instincts", noting that investors make their decisions based on the behavior of other investors involved in the market, according to their intuition and their own vision, rather than rigorous market analysis.

Positive media coverage by means of new technologies creates a cycle of well-known media exaggeration, when investor activity and their appetite for currency reaches its climax, immediately following a "depressing sharp depreciation" in the value of the currency.

This pattern was most evident during the early days of bitcoin, when the main media began to provide a detailed report on the new currency, causing a number of short-term gains in the value of the currency, followed by price collapses. In light of the increased media coverage of currency news and fluctuations, in addition to some other factors, it becomes difficult to determine the impact of the media alone.

Sometimes the same thing happens when a major company is offered for public subscription, which causes investors to “crowd out” to acquire their assets, and thus their value increases rapidly after its value is relatively low. The best example of this is Twitter, whose stock price rose fictitiously on the stock market after it went public.

Political risks

Political risks that affect national currencies can also affect bitcoin prices. The economic crisis in Greece in 2015, according to many reports, was followed by a significant increase in the purchase of bitcoin by Greek citizens, in the hope of preserving the value of their wealth. However, the turmoil that prevailed during the national referendum on Britain's departure from the European Union on June 23, 2016, led to a rise in the price of bitcoin despite the depreciation of the British pound.

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