What Do You Need To Create Your Website

This article is intended for beginners, there is nothing to watch for experienced layout designers.

Where Can And Should You Start?

To start creating a website according to your own template, you need to know and be able to some basics, no matter how much you know how what works:

1) Know and be able to apply the basics of HTML;

2) Know the basics of CSS;

3) Know what CMS is;

4) Know JavaScript;

5) Know FTP;

6) Know the MySQL database, sql server port;

7) Be creative and be able to competently borrow ideas, it is also desirable to be able and understand how someone else’s site works.

What’s What And Why To Know All This:

1) The basics of HTML are needed to create the body itself and the name of the site, creates a language that the server understands, so that the desired site is displayed correctly on the screen, thanks to this language, the server receives a request and sends a response to the user;

2) The basics of CSS are needed in order to decorate the site, add some zest to it so that the site that is being created, what it stands out for, add your own decorations, for example a Christmas tree and snow for the new year or the sun in the summer, you can also for example, put the sun during the day, and the moon at night and create a change of day and night thanks to JavaScript, you can still create beautiful animation for ideas and embody them on the site;

3) CMS is needed by all good layout designers, so that the site understands where the header is and where the background is, indicate the fonts, where the photos, logo, links and buttons are located, it will also be most convenient for beginners, because there are templates for creating a site that even a beginner can master. It will help for an initial understanding of how to create a website;

4) JavaScript is needed to create elements with animation, it will be more convenient and beautiful for them to create animation than CSS, it is also needed for scripts like buttons, and so on, because if you take standard buttons in HTML, you can see that they are clearly not very attractive, you can also create, for example, from a png file, moving snow, which will be nice in the new year, or a scorching sun, which is coming to summer;

5) FTP – for managing site files, in order to upload the site to hosting, send and receive the necessary data and site files, learn quickly and easily, but very important for the site and hosting;

6) MySQL – for managing databases, there will be stored data about the site and people who visit it, as well as about all animations, files, and so on;

7) Creativity is certainly needed, because you need to make the site not a blueprint, it is also important to steal a little other people’s ideas to implement your own.

You Can Spend About 5-8 Months Studying Everything:

1) 1 month on HTML + CSS, as it takes about 2 weeks to learn HTML, and a little more CSS;

2) CMS for about 1 month, for a complete understanding of how the CMS works;

3) It will take at least 3-4 months to learn the basics of JavaScript, since it is a very complex language, but very useful for making up websites;

4) FTP for about 3-4 days, so that the site does not fall off, due to the fact that it was not correctly put on the hosting;

5) MySQL is about 4 months old, because you need to understand it a lot for the site to work well;

6) You need to think a little about the idea of ​​the site, its design, about a week.

8 months is certainly long, but web developers get about 20,000 thousand rubles for one site, which they make for about a week or two. Time will pay off quite quickly for layout designers.

Self-taught people can, for example, go to freelance and build websites there for their first money.

I hope the article helped and inspired and the newbies went to make up the sites.

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