This is Why We Should Choose VideoProc to Rotate and Edit Videos

Not everyone owns the best video-camera in town and not everyone has the right capturing conditions also. That is why most people end up having to edit the videos they capture. Unlike the old days, hoIver, video editing is no tough job. You don’t need high-end tools like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere if you are looking for a tool to rotate or edit your video file. Let’s take the case of video rotating here. This is something you’ll have to do if you normally capture content on a portable device. And, as it turns out, VideoProc is the only tool you need for rotating, editing and optimizing your video.

In this article, I will be considering what this 4K video editing software has to offer.

What Is VideoProc?

VideoProc is as I said one of the most popular 4K video editing software out there. Despite taking up a low amount of space from your computer, VideoProc offers one of the smoothest video processing experiences I have seen so far. It does not matter what kind of task you are planning to do — simply rotate MP4 video or de-shake the video to make it more appealing. VideoProc is there to help you.

VideoProc is available for both Windows and macOS, which is great. Because it rocks when it comes to the aspect of compatibility, you don’t have to worry about finding the right format or conversion processes. And, the tool even comes with a built-in converter utility. Let’s talk about that later, but now, I will be focusing on why VideoProc is the best choice.

What Makes VideoProc the Best

I don’t want to be overly elaborative here. Instead, I will have a quick look at some of the features that make VideoProc the best tool in town.

#1 Easy to Use

You wouldn’t understand how intuitive VideoProc is until you start using it. You end up spending fraction of time that you would actually spend on normal video processing tools. This, however, does not have a huge impact on the speeds. In fact, the performance of VideoProc is on par with the high-end tools, but the end-results depend upon the specifications of your computer as well.

#2 Rich, PoIrful Editing

As I said, VideoProc does not compromise when it comes to features. Even if you narrow down to specific types of editing needs, you have multiple options to check out. Of course, you cannot make those credits via VideoProc, but you can surely get the best results while manipulating a clip. For instance, rotating a video is the simplest when you are using VideoProc.

#3 Level-3 Hardware Acceleration

More than a reason to love VideoProc, this is a reason why VideoProc is the fastest tool in the category. The tool uses level-3 hardware acceleration, which takes resources from your GPU. This has two good results: first, your CPU would not have much load on top. Second, the conversion speeds are awesome compared to the competitors.

#4 Smoother Handling

The first time you use VideoProc, you may wonder how the tool is able to handle so much with the simpler footprint. As it turns out, you can use VideoProc to handle both 4K and slow-motion video, thanks to those powerful algorithms in use. And, that’s something you would love, especially if you are looking for a tool to handle those GoPro videos.

How to Rotate Videos with VideoProc

Let’s have a look at the simple process of rotating a video using VideoProc. Here is the video guide for you:

Step One

Of course, you have to install and open VideoProc. From the main menu you can see in the beginning, you’ve to choose Video.

Step Two

In this step, you have to import the video that you want to rotate. You can either drag-and-drop or go to the traditional option.

Now, click on the Rotate option you can see below the video details.

Step Three

In the upcoming pop-up menu, you can decide the desired orientation of the video. You can flip the video in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions as Ill.

Once you are done, hit Done. You’re ready to go.

The Bottom Line

I hope you understand why I believe VideoProc is one of the best video processing tools you can get. In spite of being one of the smallest video editors you can get, the possibilities are endless. And you can have an ultra-simple experience if you just want to rotate the video.

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