The Best Ways To Combine Digital Marketing With Analog

These days, every marketer is heavily focused on digital marketing online. It makes sense since this is how they are led to believe the best ROI can be found. Everybody’s online is the reason, so you have to go where you can be seen. It all makes sense but unfortunately, they are not giving analog or traditional advertising any consideration.

This is a mistake since there are still some very effective ways to use offline advertising and marketing to great effect. In a perfect world, both methods can be used together for maximum effect. The problem is that many people don’t even know when or how to use offline marketing these days. In this article, we will go over ways to combine both so that you can create an effective marketing campaign that covers all the bases.

Brand awareness

Direct mailing has long been a very effective way to reach a target demographic. When you combine your efforts with a company that has data on the people that live or work in a certain area then you can put together a campaign that works really well. In fact, it can work better than it had in the past for the simple fact that not many people get physical mail anymore.

If you create a creative mailer that will grab somebody’s attention right away then you can create brand awareness very easily. One of the biggest reasons is that you are targeting people at the very beginning of the buyer’s journey so you are simply making them aware that you exist.

By using things like video brochures and even 3D flyers, you are grabbing their attention and telling your story in a way that may get missed if you were to focus your attention solely online.

If people only have a few minutes then this is a good way to effectively use that small amount of time since they will do it while looking through their mail.

Social media paid ads

Now that your target audience has seen the mailer, they will recognize your brand when they see other marketing material. For instance, you can now target the same demographic by using social media advertising. You’ll have access to all the data that the social media platform of choice has so you can narrow it down to the same people that would have seen your mailer.

Use content that is helpful and engaging that people will want to interact with and you will see that your brand is growing. At this point, you can likely pass them onto the next stage of the sales funnel and start turning them into leads.

Set up an email list

Whether you are using social media ads or direct mail, you should be focused on getting people onto your email list. With social media, give them a freebie to lure them into it. The same can be done on a direct mailer with the use of a QR code.

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