3 Vulnerability Management Services That Will Protect Your Business

Cybercrimes are evolving every day, and you need to stay updated with how they are being done and know the ways in which you can protect your network from these vulnerabilities and know how to manage them.

Vulnerability management involves locating, assessing, addressing, and disclosing security vulnerabilities in systems and the software that runs on them.

Every organization must know its system's current security vulnerabilities and threats. To manage these vulnerabilities, they leverage services for vulnerability management that detects vulnerabilities and utilize different ways to mitigate them.

There are three commonly used vulnerability management services that businesses can utilize to protect their systems from the emerging threats as discussed below:

1. PCI Scanning Services

PCI scanning services are carried out to determine whether a company's information technology architecture violates PCI compliance. An automated, high-level test is performed that searches for and finds potential vulnerabilities.

These PCI scanning services are conducted by organizations known as PCI Approved Scanning Vendors, and they happen quarterly.

PCI scanning services are easy to configure. They secure your business's system and data and help your business meet compliance. PCI compliance is awarded to businesses that have met the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements to show proper security is in place to process credit card information.

Small businesses that do not have minimal transactions in their system can perform the PCI scan assessment themselves. For medium businesses, they can hire external assessors who will help review vulnerabilities in their systems. Big businesses need to hire a staff who will deal with these vulnerabilities as they are at a higher risk of occurring and recurring.

2. Web application scanner

An automated security program, commonly known as a web application scanner, looks for software flaws in web applications.

The web application scanner examines a website, then thoroughly scans each file it encounters and shows the complete website's structure. Web applications are easy to hack as they are available on the internet 24/7. Due to their easy access, they offer attackers unlimited attempts to break through their system.

When web applications are not audited with a website application, they become the most unprotected element of a business's IT infrastructure.

It is, therefore, paramount for every business to conduct stringent web application scanning. Web application scanning identifies security loopholes in web-based applications and thus prevents attackers from gaining unauthorized access to the system and getting hold of their data.

Web application scanner has three unique features. First is their ability to scrutinize diverse Web technologies, such as PHP, ASP.NET, etc. Second, they can analyze and process large websites very fast, and lastly, they produce comprehensible results with far-reaching web security knowledge. To ensure web application security in your business, you should regularly scan your websites and web applications using the web application scanner.

3. Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning, also known as Vuln Scan, is a programmed process of identifying security vulnerabilities that a network or application faces.

A vulnerability scanner identifies the potential weaknesses in a network that attackers can exploit. Scanning your business network informs you of the current risks that your network may face, how effective your safety measures are, and how you can mitigate security attacks in your network.

Network vulnerability scanners should be built to scan your network and identify the loopholes in your network that attackers can manipulate. A vulnerability scanner does not affect your network's performance; therefore, it won't bring your business to a standstill.

It also does a comprehensive scanning of all the possible vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Additionally, vulnerability scanners can do a prioritization risk analysis. Therefore you can develop a strategy that remedies the vulnerabilities in the order of their seriousness and will help improve your business security.


A high-quality management vulnerability service is essential in every organization. Vulnerability management services ensure the implementation of vulnerability programs in your network. Therefore you can identify threats in your network and mitigate the risks of your network being open to attackers. When choosing Vulnerability Management services, it is important to consider if they can do it in a timely manner and one that won't bring your business to a halt.

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