Using Psychology to Enhance Customers’ experience via SMS

Every business irrespective of its sector is dependent upon the customers for its growth and revenue. Customer behaviour is thereby often considered while formulating business strategies. Marketing, in particular, has a lot of dependency on the customers’ behaviour. With the motto of Customer satisfaction, keeping the customers happy is one of the major goals of the marketing teams.

They always try to enhance the customers’ experience by coming up with new ideas. They know a happy clientele means a prospering business. Customer psychology plays a major role in making the customers happy. It helps to put your efforts in the right direction for better results.

Efforts made in sync with the customers’ psychology have higher chances of succeeding in creating a good image of the brand in customers’ mind.

Optimize SMS Marketing using Psychology

Here’s how you too can enhance your brand image by optimizing SMS marketing using customers’ psychology:

Strike the right balance between Formal and Casual Conversation

This is the point where any conversation starts, you should strike the right balance to build a good rapport with the customer.

A very formal style of conversation doesn’t make an easy connection with the customers. Keeping it a bit informal makes them ease and helps a lot in the rapport building. As per the customers’ psychology, a little informal style of conversation makes them feel more connected and understood.

On the other hand, proper care must be taken to not make it too casual. A very casual conversation is usually not appreciated by the customers as it often makes them uncomfortable.

Thus, one has to strike the right balance to make sure the customer feels obliged.

Build a brand image and follow it

It is important that you build a brand image to which your customer can easily connect. Building a brand image includes the key values, protocols, style of communication, appearance and the factors which the customer could associate with the brand.

All these factors together build up a brand image. Having a brand image is very important for the customers to associate with it. The core values of the brand should reflect in every form of communication and should have a connecting appeal.

As per the customers’ psychology, a brand which holds the key value of its audience easily gains the trust of the customers. As the customers have their faith in the brand values and could connect with them easily, they find the brand reliable. This helps in forming the loyal clientele.

Undoubtedly, building the brand image is important but at the same time keeping the consistency in maintaining the same image is also very important. According to customers’ psychology, they feel disconnected and lose faith when the consistency of the brand image is not maintained.

Changing key values of the brand image is a big no as the chances of backfire are high and you might end up losing your existing clientele.

Make sure your SMS follow a uniform code and connect with the brand image.

Keep it clear and to the point

A clear communication is always an effective way of customer communication. As per the studies customers want the information to be clear without any confusions. This clarity in communication plays an important role in building rapport with the customer and gaining their trust.

As the SMS is limited to 160 characters keeping it short and to the point not only helps in seamless communication via SMS. But at the same time keeping the information to the point helps the customer to read it easily without giving much time. And since the information is short enough it can be easily retained and chances of missing out are rare.

Make your customers feel important

As per the customers’ psychology, the businesses which make their customers feel privileged are successful in building a bigger client base. Every customer wants to feel important.

To make this happen you can ask for feedback and make your customers feel they are heard and hold importance for the brand.

Timings play an important role

Right timings always give an added advantage in conveying the information effectively. As per the customers’ psychology, people tend to pay more attention when the SMS is sent to them during day hours. Any odd timings of the message may lead the customer to miss out the communication.

Make sure the SMS is delivered during day hours to make them more effective with a better impact.

Add value to your message

Make sure the SMS you send hold some value for the customer in any form be it some important information, any update, or offer. An SMS without any value fails to seek the customers’ attention. And when this happens repeatedly,  the customers tend to lose their interest.

Even the studies say customers start losing their interest if they find the communication irrelevant and non-valuable to them.

Keeping valuable information in the SMS communication which holds relevance is the key to gain customers’ due attention.

Give better offers

Evolve your SMS communication over time with better offers to hold the customers’ attention. Customer psychology says they like to get surprised with new offers and often lose interest if offered the same again and again.

Introduce new offers from time to time and try to give better offers than those prevailing in the market to keep your customers’ hooked.

Use the tactic of Scarcity

Let your customers know that the offers might soon not be available for them. This is called the tactic of scarcity. It has been one of the most effective marketing tactics over the period of time. Creating a sense of urgency in the customers make them take the action soon and mostly results in conversions.

Psychology says the sense of scarcity triggers the customers and make them take quick actions resulting in higher sales.

The reason being they don’t want to miss out the deal and feel a sense of competition with other customers. This triggers the fear of missing out popularly known as FOMO making the communication much more effective in terms of getting conversions.

Let them know the clock is ticking

Let your customers know it is going and the clock is ticking. This deadline enables them to react quickly which works in favor of the sales.

Psychology says the concept of going… going… gone plays a good role in engaging the customers. The realization of limited time makes them prioritize the action and prevents from delays subsequent miss-outs.

Include call to actions

To make sure your customers take immediate actions include Call to actions in your message. You can do this by embedding short URLs in your SMS, where you want the customers to take required actions.

Having Call to action makes more customers take immediate actions as the psychology says. This rules out the chances of missing out due to other events.

Persuade better using social proofs

People often require proofs to believe any new thing as per the psychology. They always tend to rely on others’ experience while buying any product or service. Thereby, to persuade more people, include social proofs which could help them trust the product or service and opt for it.

These social proofs may be in the form of use cases, testimonials or social media links embedded in the messages using URL shorteners.

This tactic helps the business to gain customers’ trust easily and get more conversions.

In a nutshell

If you are looking forward to improving your clientele by enhancing customers’ experience via SMS marketing, the above tips and tactics based on customers’ psychology could be very useful.

Having short, clear and valuable SMS which abides the brand value play a vital role in building up a huge client-base.

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