Top7 trending tips for iOS development

Apple is a leading mobile platform in the mobile market. It excels in the field of app development with developing high quality apps for the Apple users- whether it’s iPhone, iPad or any other device. Building an iPhone application can be a daunting and rewarding job to do. A lot of factors need to be considered when developing an application especially when it’s an iOS app which is best known for providing quality apps. There are a lot of factor that needs to be taken for a successful app development.

Content layout

A good tip to be noted is that the content off the app should be right on the screen so that the users doesn’t have to scroll left or right. The font, color, text should have clarity and the images should be fit to the screen. The layout should be such that it provides a user friendly experience to the users.

Use error handling to find the mistakes

Its quiet common for a code to make a mistake while coding. To correct the mistake, error handling is the right option. In case of an error an error message is sent to the coder to make the correction. IOS users use the error protocol to correct the mistake.

Don’t forget your Apple ID

After your iOS app is ready. You need an Apple ID to get started with the upload process. An Apple ID is free to create, however there’s an annual fee in case you want to host the app. Having an Apple ID indicates that you’re an iOS developer and you can upload and manage your app.

Design UI elements with 3D touch

An app developer should understand the significance of UI elements of the app. The users should feel the ease when browsing and scrolling through the app or when making a selection from the menu. With 3D touch, your app can get more interesting for the users.

Create intuitive project directory structure

For a small project, intuitive project isn’t quiet necessary but for an enterprise it’s a necessity. Without intuitive project your code can get messy and disorganized which may lead to bugs so it’s better to implement the structure.

Structure of your Icon

The best tip for making an app appealing to the eye is to work on the icon. Icon users should pay clear attention to make the icon simple and unique that is visually attractive at the same time. IOS developers are very choosy about their icon selection, planning to build the structure of an icon takes time and effort which will make it stand out amongst others.

Make your app faster

It’s irritating when an app is slow or crashes. If you’re a developer you need to keep this in mind that your app should load faster. The faster the app, the more people will be inclined to use it. Make sure that the app has fast loading, downloading time to stop users getting frustrated.


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