Top Web Hosting Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Creating a website for your business? While planning to have a constantly available website, you cannot afford to overlook the key trends in web hosting.

With the impact of web hosting growing at tremendous speed, a hosting provider simply needs to stay up to date with trends to beat the competition.

You need a good host to improve the performance of your site even during the traffic spikes. Over the years, the web hosting realm evolved a spectacular fashion, and it’s very important to take cognizance of these changes.

Knowing the latest trend can help you offer better services to customers. Here are some of the latest web hosting trends that you should take seriously if you want to stay on the cutting edge and thrive.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud is dominating the entire web hosting market with its features like high security and uptime. Basically, in cloud hosting, physical servers are located in a secured room, and a virtual server is used to host the websites.

Resources for the virtual servers are derived from the network of physical servers. And guess what, it is not that expensive.  So, small business with a small budget can consider cloud hosting to have good value for money.

Cloud servers are based on physical servers and don’t have any hardware issues that can slow down or interrupt the website’s work. Managed cloud servers are very reliable because the hosting company takes care of any technical issues that may arise.

If there is still some outage, the system will automatically switch to another server so that the site will not go offline.  All these amazing features make cloud hosting an undisputed web hosting trend to watch out.

Eco-friendly Hosting

Call it eco-friendly or green hosting; this is the thing right now. Running a website using energy efficient technologies is a great way to save the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. Get tips on Why should you consider cloud hosting for you Business.

More specifically, low-voltage hardware and renewable energy devices are used in green hosting.  In the fast pacing world, we hardly think about the real-world mechanics that keep the online world running.

Do you know 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide is generated every time you browse a website?  With 3.5 billion internet users browsing sites around the world, you can imagine how potentially damaging it can be with a great amount of carbon dioxide.

Green web hosting is a great way to add green credentials to your service and minimize your carbon footprint.

Automated Backups

You may argue that a web hosting company is there to back up your data so why you need to take this step. Well, it is a wise step to keep your site unaffected from system failure.

Doing it manually will eat up a great amount of time, and there is no guarantee that it will be error free.  The good news is that many CMS platforms like WordPress have handy plug-ins and extensions to deal with such issues.  Automated backups help you recover a lost data with less difficulty.

Enhanced Security

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Web hosting companies are now paying more attention to their clients’ security and going extra miles to implement security measures.

Security-minded and well-established dedicated hosts are used by brand-conscious companies for improved security and reliability.

With the rate of data breaches increasing at a faster rate, security is the major concern for top brands. Using unique passwords and upgrading to the latest OS version are some of the steps that you need to take to enhance the security of your site.

Complete Solutions

Versatility and completeness are 2 most important aspects that users demands in all the packages they select. Instead of a going for a particular hosting plan, users wish to choose a plan that comprises email hosting, SEO and several other components. Hence, having a web host plan with the complete solution is beneficial for your business as well as customers.

Hardware Upgrades

With hardware related terms like RAM and GBs becoming household phrases, web hosts are now opening up about their hardware. This means you can select a web host that has super-fast Solid State Disc (SSD) technology in their servers.

Hosting Security Protocols

Many hosting security protocols including standard SSL certification, compliance checks for CMS vulnerabilities, and encrypted data storage are becoming ubiquitous. This is a great way to have peace of mind by keeping the information on your website safer while providing visitors with financial transactions and digital sales.

Bottom Line

The evolving web hosting trends are leading the way to more stable, high-performance, and well secured hosting solution. With the increased use of virtualization, better CMS optimization, and new security protocols, web hosting is gaining momentum. Aligning with the emerging trend will lead your way to more revenue and success.

Now that you know the latest trends that are shaping the future of web hosting go for a hosting service provider who offers these services to stay ahead in the game.

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