Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Mailroom Over Notifii

Mailroom management software is a blessing for mailroom operators and mailroom managers. If you run a mailroom and you are looking for ways to automate it, how do you plan to choose the right software for your mailroom?

Here we shall take a rundown at the features of 2 software solutions,Mailroomand Notifii, for digitizing your mailrooms. The overview will surely assist you in making the right choice for efficient parcel tracking and management.

The demand for mailroom management software applications is on the rise due to an increase in the number of parcels being sent in this pandemic. Residential condos, university dorms, and large organizations are all on the lookout for the best solution in the industry. The market value of mailroom management software is expected to reach USD 446.5 million by the year 2027.

Is Mailroom Better ThanNotifii?

Here is a brief overview of both the software solutions tohelp you understand the features of these solutions. Both these tools provide similar features such as contact-less delivery, OCR Tech, and automated notifications that offer support in parcel tracking and quick delivery.

These software solutions streamline all the mailroom functions allowing you to increase the output and achieve efficient results. The tools assist mailroom operators inrunning the mailrooms smoothly and keeping them clutter-free.


Mailroom improves parcel management and delivery time by using the OCR technology. The mailroom operators can scan around 50 packages in one go and it takes only a few seconds to process all the information related to those packages.

With Mailroom, you can also use Mailroom Connect that allows users to decide what they want to do with their package. With just a click, they can request to hold their package, forward it or discard it.


Notifii is another mailroom management software that uses cutting-edge technology for efficient parcel tracking. Notifii uses cloud-based logging to allow quick communication.

Notifii clients use Track, which is an app for parcel tracking and parcel management. It uses OCR technology that allows mailroom operators to scan packages by clicking a picture using smartphones and extracting the information through that.

Here’s Why Mailroom Is Your Best Bet!

Even though both Mailroom and Notifii use same OCR technology, and serve customers to reduce parcel management time, Mailroom provides some outstanding capabilities.

1. Pricing Package

Mailroom pricing has been designed depending on the activities taking place in the mailroom. Regardless of the industry, users can choose the package considering the complexity of activities in their mailroom.However, with Notfii, the users have to choose packages depending on the industry, regardless of the size of their business.

Mailroom lets you choose your package based on your expected number of operations. The plans are based on:

  • Low volume operations
  • Basic Operations
  • Multiple Operations
  • Enterprise Operations

2. Detailed Analytical Reports

While Notifii and Mailroom both provide analytical reports on the operations, there is a difference in the reporting details. With Mailroom you can get an hourly statistical update on the dashboard as compared to Notifii that provides a monthly performance report.

The detailed report lets you have a better understanding of the mailroom performance. Using this data, you can improve efficiency and reduce operational costs

3. Image Rick Notifications

Mailroom also lets you send a notification with an image of the parcel. The customers are aware of the actual state of the package upon arrival; thus, saving the mailroom management from any blame in case a parcel is damaged.

This feature reduces complaints from the customer and improves the customer satisfaction level.

4. Shipd

Furthermore, Mailroom comes with a Shipd application as well. This enables you to indulge in parcel tracking even before it arrives at the mailroom. The application allows you full visibility of your application.


This brief review of the 2 software solutions should be able to help you in the decision making to digitize your mailroom. You can improve your parcel delivery time as well as customer satisfaction level with these software solutions.

Go ahead and get Mailroom to optimize your operations. Don’t forget to suggest your users to install the add-on application, Shipd and to use the Mailroom Connect feature for a better experience.

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