Top Reasons Why You Need to Put a Case on Your Phone

In today's time, everyone has a smartphone, and you must protect your phone with a case. There is no doubt that a case acts as a protective covering for your mobile. However, most people don't agree with that. According to a study, nearly 25% of smartphone users said they do not agree with putting a case on their smartphone. They prefer to leave it as it is and take the chances of their smartphone getting damaged.

Some smartphone users even hold the opinion that when they are only going to use the smartphone for a few years, why do they have to spend extra money on protecting it. This is a totally absurd thought. A single fall can result in so many cracks, a shattered screen, and hundreds of dollars spent to repair the damage. One fall, and your device is left completely broken and unusable. Not just that, here are more reasons why you need to put a case on your phone.


Smartphones nowadays have a tough metal or plastic body that protects Them from damage but does not make them scratch-resistant. Smartphones spend a lot of time in our bags and pockets where they can get a lot of scratches unless you cover them with a case.

Protects your mobile phone

The phone case does not cover the screen, so it will not protect it from damage if your phone falls right on the screen. But the phone cover does protect the rest of the phone.

I don't have phone insurance.

Phone insurance costs around $10 per month along with an extra $5- as deductible. The phone insurance covers for you if you drop or lose your phone. But $10 per month is no joke. Instead of buying phone insurance, you can keep your phone protected from damage by using a phone case. Simply putting a case on your phone can save you from spending so many dollars on phone insurance or repair work.

Cases are expensive

Without a doubt, a high-quality case can be expensive, but $40 is way less than $700, which is the cost of getting a new phone. If you search the market, you can find phone cases at reasonable prices also such as those available at

Thin and not very durable

Smartphones are now designed in a manner that they are as thin as possible. Everybody loves thin smartphones. Being thin makes them look attractive but makes them more slippery and likely to fall from the hand. A phone case adds a little extra weight so that your phone does not slip easily or break.

Offer more than just protection.

The primary function of phone cases is to protect the smartphone, but that's not all. There are many multifunctional cases that include wallets, tasers, bottle openers, and much more. They also come with extra pockets where you can keep your cards or pictures.

In a nutshell

The bottom line is that you need to get a cover for your phone case now. A phone case protects your mobile phone and saves you a lot of dollars that you would otherwise spend on repairing the damage. We hope this article helped change your opinion on whether a case is necessary or not.

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