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Officially released 7 years ago, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 is a prolific action-adventure game. It was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game was the fifth and latest title in the beloved GTA series. This title follows the stories of three gangsters and their criminal antics in the fictional city of Los Santos. Few games have ever reached the high level of supremacy achieved by GTA 5.

Its massive open world playing environment allows players to fully explore the city and surrounding countryside. There are numerous vehicles you can drive and a plethora of side missions to keep gameplay interesting. Available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, GTA 5 is an epic game that grossed sales of $1 billion in the first three days after release! After thorough research, we have compiled 5 convincing reasons to play GTA 5 today!

1. The open world environment

For many players, this is the most attractive aspect of GTA 5 because you can walk, run, ride or drive anywhere in the game! You can explore the beaches, drive around the city while listening to the radio or walk around the suburbs of Los Santos. In GTA 5, you can even dive underwater or pilot a plane to get a bird's eye view of the oceanside city.

You can go into clubs for a dance or buy a house and relax in it. GTA 5 mimics real life so accurately that playing it is almost like living a digital second life. This open world environment is the game's best asset and main reason to play GTA 5 now.

2. The automotive variety

Grand Theft Auto refers to the activity of stealing cars and reselling them in large numbers. Borrowing from this legal expression, Rockstar included a huge variety of drivable automobiles in this game. There are bicycles, motorcycles, sedans, sports cars, supercars, trucks, SUVs, helicopters, tanks and even planes that you can commandeer. Every playable character has the ability to pilot any vehicle that you steal or buy so you can play with any vehicle you want!

3. Integration of First Person Shooter (FPS) perspective

Ever since its inception, GTA has always given players a Third Person Shooter (TPS) perspective where you see your character's whole body from above. This enhanced player awareness by providing a 360 degree field of vision for example in gta san andreas mobile. While this was acceptable, it lacked the excitement of First Person Shooter (FPS) where you see the game environment through the character's eyes. In GTA 5, the developers created this perspective and integrated it to activate in situations such as combat, piloting, driving and conversations. It enriched the gameplay experience and brought a fresh feeling to the plot stories of Franklin, Trevor and Michael.

4. GTA 5 Online

The ability to play online is a convincing reason to enjoy this game today. GTA 5 Online provides even more fun, landscapes and stories for you. It is very easy to transfer your character and progress into the online portal. You are required to sign up for Rockstar's Social Club using your PC or console and configure your profile. Upload your game statistics and relaunch your campaign in the online environment. You can participate in new missions, discover new vehicles or weapons and communicate with other players for collaboration or competition!

5. More content being released consistently

Rockstar Games keep the GTA 5 plot stories interesting by introducing new content all the time. Delivered in form of updates, the new content activates inspiring plot stories such as an LA-Noir style crime side story, wildlife, military vehicles, high-tech weapons, aftermarket tuning enhancements and thrilling urban adventures. They even have upgrade incentives where you experience the game more deeply if you upgrade from an earlier console to the latest one. Releasing new content consistently, Rockstar Games keeps players on the edges of their seats and this is an outstanding reason to play GTA 5 right away!


Definitely one of the most influential games of the last decade and an iconic entertainment icon of the 21st century, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 is a phenomenal feat of computer engineering. It mirrors real life in a way that no other game can. GTA 5 brings the nostalgic atmosphere of earlier versions such as San Andreas while injecting new freshness! We have described 5 pivotal reasons why you can play this game now. Explore them and rekindle your love for this open world masterpiece!

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