Top 5 Photo Editing Apps of 2021

With so many different editing Applications being available now it’s hard to decide which ones to consider. With the technology advancements in mobile phones, the picture quality that the in-built camera gives you is incredible, with that App development must also have been improved for photo editing app to get a picture looking its best. Here are the top 5 apps to consider that have been popular in 2021.

Photoshop Express

The obvious choice for a lot of people for the brand, Photoshop is one of the best-selling software packages for editing photographs on a computer. Photoshop Express is a limited version of the original package people have grown to love, this mobile-friendly app has a lot of advanced tools in comparison to other editing app and great for adding quick professional touches to photo on the phone.


This editing application has a multitude of purposes, it offers professional editing for photographers and graphic designers. This application is beneficial to most because you don’t have to pay for the full package if you don’t intend on using it all, in-app purchases are available to select what features will suit your needs. Regarding the photo editing, VSCO offers both technical editing for the more advanced users but also quick retouch features such as exposure, white balance, highlights and being able to edit the shadows.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is another branded software package that is now available in a mobile package, the biggest attraction to this application is that its free so what’s the harm in trying it? Even though this app is free it offers a lot of distinctive features, some include a gradient and clarity setting that helps offer an adept finish to your photographs. Lightroom gives the user a free and paid version, the free version offer just enough to entice the user into making the purchase of the full package which in the long run is worth spending a little extra.


Pixlr is one of the more user-friendly apps to use, Pixlr isn’t going to give the user the most professional finish but it’s easy to use and gives the user a great finish for social media channels. Pixlr can help with cosmetic alterations, removing unwanted blemishes and help sharpen photos. Another key selling point of this app is that there is a free and paid version giving the user the option to purchase after trying the features.

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