Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

2017 was a great year for the developer, marketer, dealers, manufacture, and consumer. And know it time to move towards the end of the year. Establishing a new business is hard but establishing your brand image and staying ahead in the competition is even harder. In case if you fail to stay updated according to the new technologies you will be left behind the competition. With every passing year, we can see the new breathtaking trends and technologies emerging. Digital marketing is the field where we can see significant technology advancement in every year. The changing trend in digital marketing will have the dramatic effect on digital marketing. After analyzing the 2017 digital marketing trend it the time summarize the trends, that will dominate the digital marketing in the year 2018,

Sharpen the focus on Social media marketing

As the year passes the number of the social media engagement ratio is increasing drastically. If you do not have the social media account then this the best time to create one. If you have the account than in 2018 your main focus should be on social media marketing. The growing of your business’s network on the right social platforms saves your valuable time and efforts in digital marketing. Social media marketing increases the conversion rates in a few distinct ways. In fact, that continuous interaction with the audience in social media channels increases the brand awareness and trust. Every post you share on social media is a chance for someone to react, and every reaction could lead to a site visit, and eventually can be converted into customers.

Mobile SEO

Mobile overtook the desktop long back. According to the 2015 Google report states that more searches are conducted on smartphones compared to the desktop. Most of the people are the master in search engine optimization practices and know it’s time to master a new area of digital marketing that is mobile SEO. Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that the website is responsive to the mobile devices. Google has the separate algorithms to rank mobile-friendly content higher in mobile search results. Hence higher search engine ranking means more traffic from search, and that is why this is the most important part of mobile SEO to get right. You can learn advance digital marking by joining Digital Marketing Course Ahmedabad

Voice Search Optimization

2018 will be the year for voice search optimization. According to the recent Google, study states that the around 41% of adults in the United States use voice search on the daily basis and this will continue to grow in 2018. Clearly, optimizing for voice search will have have a major impact on the SEO ranking. Because voice-based search queries are significantly different than traditional typed queries. Businesses should spend more effort on optimization longer queries that fit with voice search terms, compared to shorter keywords that were common with traditional search.

Video Marketing

The popularity of the videos is increasing day by day. People love to watch video not just on Youtube but also on social media. The increasing popularity of video is one reason Facebook rewrote its algorithms to be more video search friendly. Businesses are using video marketing strategies, will catch the attention of visitors and will likely be shared by them to their friends. Explaining your services and products through videos can boost the brand awareness and the sales. This is because visuals have a long-lasting impact on human’s brains than content. In 2018, these marketing methods are likely to influence the prospects than other strategies.

Advanced Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones completely overtook the desktop devices. Know it is the time to concentrate on the new trend in Mobile Marketing otherwise you will be left behind the competition. The mobile version on the website is more popular than the web ones. Mobile is becoming an important part of digital marketing strategy, and the sooner companies implement Advanced Mobile Marketing strategy the better off they are going to be. Mobile Marketing helps to focus on Location-based marketing which helps the local business owner to concentrate on the user. Using premium Mobile Marketing strategies and tactics you can increase the sales of business in 2018.


Digital marketing trends keep on changing every year. Using the right digital marketing strategy at right time will increase the traffic, conversion rates, search engine ranking, and much more. Website design also plays a important role in digital marketing. So opting for a good web designing company for your site will have a huge positive impact on your business. In 2018, take advantage of these trends and stay ahead from your competitor.

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