Top 200+ Best High DA Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2019


Communication becomes a powerful bridge between website and visitors. Every website requires exact SEO efforts to make it renowned and popular among the visitors.

Link building is the most effective way to get backlinks for your website and the blog commenting method is one of these link building methods.

It helps to raise the popularity of your website and also get conversions for your products and services.

Blog commenting method not only helps to get more backlinks, but also create interaction between visitors and website owners.

Blog commenting is specially made for blog sites in which bloggers, blogs and blog reader keep connected with each other and readers can give instant reaction about the blog.

In this way, bloggers and readers communicate with each other, where readers directly express their opinions about the content of blogs and bloggers also make aware with the response of their blogs. This is the easiest and fastest way to grab the attraction of your visitors.

There are several blog commenting sites available in the internet world, but always choose high page rank do follow blog commenting sites creating do follow backlinks. The do follow backlinks pass the link juice to your own blog or website.

It helps to create more web traffic to your blog or website. There are several benefits of using blog commenting sites to grow your blog or website. See below, the benefits of do follow blog commenting sites:

Benefits of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites 2019

  • These sites help to establish the brand identity of your brand, make it popular globally.
  • Increase the targeted traffic to your website or blog.
  • It helps to enhance the conversion range of your business.
  • These sites offer do follow backlinks which pass the link juice to your website or blog.
  • Build the more visibility towards the right audience.
  • Build strong relationship with the visitors and convert visitors into the customers.
  • Increase the social media followers of your blog or website.

These are the most vital benefits of instant approval blog commenting sites list 2019. Many bloggers consider this blog commenting method is the best method to get do-follow backlinks to your blog or site.

In this way, you can find a renowned identity of your business or brand and make popular your brand everywhere in the world. These sites help to get conversions by commenting to your business relevant posts, which means if you are doing shoe business, so you should comment all shoe business blog posts, you can also post your business details in the comment.

So, you will get more conversions easily and you find more targeted visitors and also find the huge traffic to your website.

As you see the several benefits of blog commenting sites, but how to use these sites is also the important subject.

There are so many folks not aware with the actual process of blog commenting, but this method is not as hard as you think about it. To solve your problem, here we bring the exact ways to use these sites for commenting on blogs.

How to Use Blog Commenting Sites

  • Select the high page rank do-follow blog commenting sites.
  • Choose your favorite topic to read the blog which relevant your business or hobby.
  • Read the entire blog carefully and try to understand the blogger’s thoughts.
  • Scroll down your cursor and reach to the comment section.
  • See the some blocks appear in the comment section like name, email id, website and comment.
  • Now, type the comment on the comment block and fill other enquiry too.
  • Click on the Post Comment button.

All these steps help to reach your comment to the blogger. Always remember one thing about comment that is your comment must be related to the blog topic otherwise it ruins your image on the web. You can praise the blogger for the blog or also express your views to encourage better work for next time.

What to avoid while doing blog commenting:

  • Don’t try to do the generic comment; there are no value such comment for you.
  • Don’t use your site link in comment, possibility of removing the comment by site admin.
  • Never use your site keyword in place of your name

Check following free off-page sites list to improve your website SEO in 2019.

High DA Digital Marketing & social media blog commenting sites 2019

Blog commenting is one of the best off page seo technique that is working fine for blogger and digital marketing expert. Below are some effective digital marketing blog that allow you to submit the comment. Getting the Back links from these blogs is not easy thing; it is possible when you will go with natural ways. Keep your comment relevant to post and don’t use keyword in name section.

High Quality tech blog for blog commenting 2019

List of High Free DA Health blog commenting sites 2019


High Quality Travel blogs for blog commenting 2019


Top Blog Commenting Sites for legal 2019

Top SEO Blogs for blog commenting 2019

Below is the great list of blogger sites that allow submitting blog comment on their blogs.

I have also submit the comment on following list and got approval from some blogger  and some comment are still pending..

It’s list of the 30 SEO blogs, and I make sure that you can approve your comment here if you follow the all rules of blog commenting seo technique.

First read the blog post and then start to write blog commenting here, Don’t try to stuff the link in comment section.. otherwise your comment  can be rejected that time.

Blog Commenting Sites List for lifestyle

  1. Aha-Now – DA 47
  2. EverythingMom – DA 46
  3. Naina  – DA 33
  4. AkanshRedhu – DA 31
  5. SweetStyleBlog  – DA 30
  6. VanityNoApologies – DA 29
  7. Purushu – DA 26


How to search Niche relevant blog commenting sites?

Finding the niche relevant commenting site is not difficult task. But you have to use some keywords (search queries) to find the high quality blog for blog commenting..

Following are some queries to search the blog commenting

  1. Keyword “add your comment”
  2. Keyword “submit your comment”
  3. Keyword “add comment”
  4. Keyword “submit comment”
  5. intitle:Keywordinurl:post/2018″leave comment”
  6. intitle:keyword Make your text bigger, bold, italic and more with HTML tags  (Recommended )
  7. Keyword “Powered by Blogger” (Recommended )
  8. intitle:keyword “Enter Word Verification in box below” “Post a comment”
  9. Keyword+powered by “add comment”
  10. intitle: Keyword +powered by
  11. intitle: Keyword +powered by
  12. intitle: Keyword  inurl:post/2018
  13. intitle:keywordinurl:post/2018 + powered by
  14. intitle:search engine optimization inurl:post/2018 “Leave a Reply”
  15. intitle:digital marketing”comments by IntenseDebate”
  16. intitle:technology tips “login or register to post a comment”
  17. keyword “comment here”
  18. keyword “add comment”
  19. keyword “submit comment”
  20. keyword “add url”
  21. keyword “submit url”
  22. keyword “submit a site”

Use your keywords in search queries to find the niche relevant blog for blog commenting.


Suppose, you need technology blog for blog commenting, then you can use this queries (Keyword "add your comment") to search tech related blog.

One more thing that you will have to keep in your mind is that comment relevancy, it play very important role to approve your comment.

Read the post first and then start to write the comment and it look like genuine comment. Ask the question in blog commenting, it will keep separate you from crowd.

Don’t use the generic comment.

I will add some new search queries to search blog commenting sites as find.

How to find the niche blog commenting sites by Tool.

I will not ask you to use the any tool to search the blog commenting sites..

However if you want to use the tool then I will recommend to use the DropMyLink.Com tool.

I used these tools and got the good blog commenting blog for any niche. But now i search the manually to find good blog for blog commenting seo process.

You also can find the blog for blog commenting through competitor analysis. I use the majestic tools  to analysis the competitor.

But this tool is not free, it charge $50/month but will really help you to get the Do follow blog commenting sites.

I using this tool from last two years and making my seo journey easy. Majestic tool keep only high quality backlink in your data base, so there is no possibility of the spamming.

This tool removes the harmful site from database.

So buy the majestic tool and create the dofollow backlink on high quality blog commenting sites..

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Why Pro blogger recommend the blog comment for Natural back link

Blog commenting is one of the best effective technique to getting the natural back link, that’s why, blogger always use this seo technique.

I analysis the back link of the top bloggers and found that they are giving the first priority to blog commenting for natural back link.

Top Reasons Behind to Recommend Blog Commenting

Blog commenting maintain the ration of Dofollow and Nofollow.

You will get the link from your Name, not exact match anchor text.

All variation are possible with anchor text through blog commenting.

Comment is displayed on post when admin approve the comment. (Main Reason)

Make a bridge between audience and bloggers.

Blog commenting also help in keep bloggers blog updated.

It also boosts your Blog trust Flow if you comment on relevant blog.

Should we allow comments on my blog?

Accept the comment on your blog is not bad strategies. I would like to suggest allowing the comment on blog. I am also managing the many blog and accept the comment on them.

Benefits of accepting the comment on blog

  • You can directly connect with user through blog comment
  • Help in keep your blog updated.
  • You can boost your blog audience
  • You will be recommended by users if you solve the problem of the users.
  • Help in telling the Google your blog niche when you accept the relevant comment on you blog.

Which Type Backlink Get from Blog commenting

If you are new in seo then it is very important to know about the backlink type or nature.  There are two type of backlink. One is the Dofollow and other one is Nofollow.

You can get both type link from blog commenting. But I have noticed one thing that I would like to share with you. Almost all sites webmaster offer the Nofollow link from their blog as it help to protect the website from spamming attack.

DoFollow Backlink :

Dofollow link type

Dofollow backlink means this link will Pass the link juice for your website and Signal Ranking for Google. Getting the Dofollow link from the blog commenting is not easy thing.

Nofollow Backlink:

No link juice will be passed from Nofollow link. Means such link will not help in improve the ranking. But play the important role to drive the referral traffic and maintain the ratio of the back link.


Blog commenting types

Each digital marketing expert knows the importance of the blog commenting seo off page technique.

There is possibility to getting the two type backlink, one is no follow and other one is do follow.

I think, blog commenting is the effective seo technique to get the relevant back link.

Some blogger allow Do-follow link and some allow no follow link.

Following are the type of the blog commenting.

(1) Genuine blog commenting

(2) Unnatural Blog commenting.

Genuine blog commenting

Genuine blog commenting is recommended by the top blogger and digital marketing expert.

I am blogger and use the genuine blog commenting technique to get the quality back link from other relevant blog.

No-follow and Do-follow depend on webmaster.

In this type, you will get the back links from only your name, not from anchor text, don’t try to stuff the exact match anchor.

Bellow image will help to view the genuine comment.

Unnatural Blog commenting:

Many newbie seo experts use the unnatural blog commenting technique that is not loved by Google. It is also called spammy blog commenting process.

Why this technique is known as Unnatural commenting

 Because newbie seo expert and blogger try to create the more back link in single comment and always add the link on exact match anchor text..... I always delete this type comment as found.

Many bloggers allow the anchor text in comment section. But it’s not right ways to create the Backlinks.

I would like tell one thing to all newbie SEO expert and blogger that blog commenting is only way to connect the audience and blogger (Webmaster) to each other.

I also managing many blog and accept only genuine comment on my blog.

So I will never recommend this technique to create the back links from other blog.

Do’s and Don’ts for blog commenting

If you are blogger commenting on other people blog surely is one of the best ways to connect with the fellow bloggers and seek their help for creating the content together. As you gain to grow the audience, you will also require the skill to handle comment on your own posts as well as to make comments on others blog. In case you are confused with this task we are here to help you out. In this article, we have mentioned some of the do’s and don’ts that will be helpful for you handle and manage all the comments that come your way.

On other people’s blog


Add something that is totally relevant to the conversation

The comments that you are submitting should not just be the noise and should be something relevant like the content that you create on your own blog.

Even if you are only using the comments to increase traffic on your own blog, still there must be something relevant and worth reading for the public in your comment.

As this will be something that is meant o attract people towards your blog and that is why it is necessary that you must post only good stuff over there and nothing else for sure.

Share your comments on different social media handles

You should go forward to posting your comment on different social media handles that you use.

This will not only provide the fellow blogger an opportunity but will also win over a chance for you to strike a conversation with them.

Posting the comments over on different social media handles surely is one of the easiest ways to spread the good work to your favorite networks and make it reach to the audience.

This will surely prove to be greatly helpful for you as well as the other blogger’s growth.


You need not to leave an irrelevant link in people's comments

You should be smart enough not to leave any kind of irrelevant links in the comments that you are making on any of the blogs.

Other bloggers will easily be able to recognize that you are making connections for the people to visit your blog and might end up deleting the irrelevant link and will only keep the genuine ones.

That is why we recommend you to not post anything in the comments that are not at all appropriate and does not hold the position to be there in the first place.

You should not write the entire blog posts in the comment section

It should be forbidden by you to post your own blogs in the comment sections of any of the other blogger’s post. It is absolutely right to add your thoughts and share it with the people on that particular platform.

But you should not dominate that particular post by the comments that you are posting on it. In case you wish to make a comment that is longer than the usual do limit yourself to the five hundred word limit and must write the comments that are shorter than this.

You must not comment and leave forever

After you have hot, the submit button on any of the blogs it is important for you to continuously visit and check that if the people have responded and replied on your comment or not.

You can also enable to receive the notifications so that you will easily know every time someone has made a reply to your comment on that post.

Or else you can easily set reminders and check the blog yourself in order to know about the responses.

On your own blog


Respond to everyone

You should try your best to respond to each and every of the comment that you receive on your post. This will easily help you to strengthen the relationships with the regular readers of your blog and also to contact some of the new ones as well.

The only comments that you must be avoiding should be the blatant spam, and the trolls or else each and every other comment on your blog deserves a reply for sure.

We know it takes time to provide everyone with a response, but you need to take that time out from your busy daily schedule.

Keep track of who is commenting on your posts

You must keep mental notes about the people who are commenting on your blogs and must especially care about other bloggers who are posting their comments.

This will help in providing you the opportunity to repay the situation whenever required. This surely is a great opportunity to form relationships with the fellow bloggers as well as your readers.

It is not a compulsion that you will have to reply to every comment that comes on your blog, but this general practice surely is going to help you in need. Also, commenting on the other blogs will automatically gain some traffic for your own blog.


You need not to respond to trolls or criticism with anger or frustration

It is obvious that you will get attached to your writing and will not be able to take anyone saying anything against it. But you need to understand that there is nothing particularly frustrating about receiving the negative feedbacks.

You can respond to those comments and remain firm to your opinion, but you must never reply to any of those comments with anger.

You need to keep in mind that these comments are not always about stroking your ego and rather than acting aguishly you must try to understand.

Final words

It is clear from the above article that what you need to do and what you must avoid when commenting on anyone else's post or handling the comments on your own post. Also, you need to make sure not to make it too hard to post as your readers love your work and must be waiting for you to post the fresh content. In case you are confused about how to get started with a blog there are a huge number of websites that can easily help you out.

List of Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites 2019

As you know that blog commenting is one of the effective techniques that is working very well to improve the position your blog in SERP.

You can get good improvement in your ranking when you are getting the Dofollow backlink form high quality blog. So Bloggers and SEO expert always try to find out the blog that give the Dofollow link.

I have one suggestion for you; if you are going to submit the blog commenting on Dofollow blog commenting sites is that check the all out bound link of the page as many marketers adds the abuse link here. You should avoid this type blog. Below is the list of Dofollow blog commenting sites 2019


High Domain authority Blog commenting sites List Never seen in other blog 2019

I Hope you will like this article, it will help to get the quality back link form Blog commenting site, please follow the above mentioned process to do the blog commenting. I will update this post time to time to give your quality back link.

Thanks to Give your valuable time – Give your feedback through Comment on this post.

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