Top 10 Ways To Generate More Leads For Your Business With Local SEO

Those who aren’t particularly tech savvy will be wary to add anything to their website. However, local SEO can make your whole firm more visible on any searches conducted in your area. Even though it can boost brand recognition – it isn’t easily understood by all.

To this end, we put together a list of the top 10 ways that you can generate more leads for your Baltimore business, using localized search engine optimization. If you want to know more, simply read on…

The Best 10 Ways to Generate Business Leads with Local SEO

Let’s delve straight in and find out how you can localise your site for higher visibility.

1 –Hire in the Experts

If you are not technically minded, or if you struggle with computers in general, then there is no shame to calling in the SEO experts. In much the same way as you would call a plumber instead of fixing a burst pipe on your own – you can call in a Baltimore SEO agency that knows the business and can get you the best rank in listings.

2 – Or DIY SEO

If not, and you want to go it alone, then you need to start with identifying keywords. There are sites (google analytics and others) that will give you good keywords, specific to your brand, industry, products or services. Once you have identified your keywords you are ready to SEO the day away.

3 – Add Place Names to your Keywords

As simple as it sounds; the next step is for you to add your keywords and place names together. So if you sell musical instruments in Baltimore you might opt for “guitars in Federal Hill” or “Locust Point drum seller” as your key words.

4 – A Step Farther

Once you have applied location specific keywords to your existing pages, you can go a whole step farther by creating new pages, specific to those locations. So now you add in a blog page or service page that refers to “musical instruments in Riverside” …

5 – Google My business

Let’s not forget about Google My Business. When you create a listing on this service it is automatically applied to the local area through Google Maps. When you get on Google my Business you are effectively putting your name on the map!

6 – Increase Site Performance

Did you know you can hire people to test the speed and performance of your website? These two aspects are considered when search engines sort your site. For a higher ranking, you need better performance.

7 – Gain Backlinks

Backlinks from around the internet will add validity to your site. However, getting backlinks from local businesses, bloggers, or organizations, can optimize your online presence on a local level. Donate to local charities in exchange for a link or two. It’s very easily done.

8 –Contact Us!

Your contact us page might not seem important – but making sure your area and region are online helps you to be visible in local searches. It’s a simple thing to do that can make all the difference. Inbound closer is a program about telemarketing and internet marketing.

9 – Language Issues

Obviously, your site should be in your own language, but did you know that translating t can help? If your page is readily available in other languages but still uses local place names, this drags you up and improves the quality of your page overall.

10 – Tags

Tags aren’t just words we assign to URLs; they are a way by which a search engine recognises your site. If your URL isn’t optimized, you might not be being seen on a local level. Similarly, if you use a translation service you might end up with a generic tag.

What’s the best way to deal with this? You guessed it. Have an SEO professional check over your pages and make the necessary improvement.

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