Tools That Are Helpful For Non-programmers to Explore Data

There are several database solutions that you can take advantage of to explore data even if you’re not a programmer. Not everyone has the technical skills required to explore chunks of complex data.

You can think of a business setting where there is a need for data scraping. Once the scraping is done, the majority of the data will be unstructured and it will need to be converted into a format that makes sense to the decision-makers.

Data is crucial to any company that is serious about growth and sustainability. There should be no marketing campaign approvals when there isn’t data to back them up. The work of a programmer is turning data into something meaningful. You will not always need a programmer to explore tools like when trying to make sense of the data that you have. We’ve highlighted some of the tools that can be used by business owners to make sense of the data they have.


This is an interactive online tool that can be used to creative intuitive charts with the click of a button. Once you’ve uploaded the data in CSV format, the tool will do the rest.

There are different types of visualizations to choose from and some of them include bars, charts, and lines. There is solid graphic quality and you can use them to present data in a way that is presentable and attractive.


If you’ve been researching for data tools then you’ve probably stumbled upon Tableau Public. It is one of the most popular visualization tools available in the market today. It can produce charts, maps, and graphs all for free although there is a premium version of the tool that comes with extra features.


This tool was designed with the primary goal of making database applications available for the masses. It is an intuitive and interactive user interface that can even be used by a novice. It comes equipped with collaborative functionality and there is also a powerful reporting tool that will come in handy when trying to make sense of the data. The collaborative functionality means you can invite clients to have real-time access to the data. This is a powerful tool for anyone who doesn’t want to get their hands on code.

Timeline JS

With Timeline JS, you can expect exactly as it sounds with the exception of writing code. It gives you the capability of creating beautiful timelines that represent data in a logical and coherent manner. It is a free and open-source tool that will be ideal for a business looking to keep the costs down. It is used by big websites like Time and RadioLab to create timelines for the articles. There is a four-step process to using the tool which is well-documented. You won’t get overwhelmed or confused so long as you follow the instructions. Media formats can be pulled from different sources in order to support your data.


If you’ve been using the internet for a while, you’re probably aware of infographics. If you’re looking to present data in infographic format, Infogram will be the best tool to use. There is a free and paid version. The free version is sufficient enough for basic infographics that don’t have a lot of data variables. The charts are simple and visually stunning. You will have to pay the premium version if you want a shareable link. It will also not be possible to embed charts online with the big watermark. The only way around it would be to pay for the tool.


This is one of the few web-based applications that support multiple chart types. There is an intuitive social share button that is strategically located. It is easy to explore data with in-built tools. The charts look professional and can be used by a business that is looking for an affordable alternative for visual data representation.


Exploring data is a lot easier with charts. Information is presented in a digestible format that is easy to understand. With an array of tools for exploring data, it is important that you’re doing your due diligence before making a selection decision. Start by identifying the needs of the business. It is only then you can look for an appropriate solution. Even if you’re on a budget, there are a ton of solutions out there that are free and do a good job with data visualization. You just have to be savvy enough with what works for you.

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